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Bestselling author, Cindy A Christiansen, has combined her love of dogs with her joy of writing to create an award winning combination. Her novels always include canine characters both in the pages and on the cover, an extension of the credit she gives to her extraordinary rescue dogs for their part in helping her overcome numerous challenges. In a reciprocal gesture for their love and devotion, a portion of the proceeds from her books are donated to assist abandoned and abused dogs. She lives in Utah with her loving husband, two creative children with autism, and a pack of rambunctious dogs.

All of the titles below are Sweet (Clean) Romantic Suspense genre books suitable for teens & up.


Storyline: Perfectionist Skye Ridgemont must fly home to Herriman, Utah, when her family’s air courier business is sued by her old beau–Clay Hadley. She didn’t expect to find her Aunt Daisy inundated with a house full of cats and dogs and strangers running the business. She can’t handle all the disorder! Where is her brother, what happened to Clay’s shipments, and why is this St. Bernard following her everywhere? Creative Clay Hadley has been shipping with Eagle One Air Courier since he started his successful Friesian horse ranch. Now that his valuable shipments have been damaged, his whole business is at risk. On top of that, he must face Skye and her crazy dog in order to resolve the whole mess. Will their relationship maintain a holding pattern, or will Skye make one final approach to land in Clay’s arms?


Laid-back Sadie Jean Dixon had a calm summer planned working for the Utah Forest Service, but a deliberately set fire sends her racing on horseback up the mountainside with her Border Collie, Gypsy, in tow and flames on their tail. Practical Colton Masterson has given up the ranch lifestyle for a college degree in accounting. When his little brother breaks his arm and can’t help run the ranch, Colton returns home to lend a hand. He takes on a part-time job at Samson Seed Company handling their taxes but soon learns the books aren’t in order. As Colton and Sadie work together to find out the real outlaws, will they realize you have to lose a fly to catch a trout?


Story-line: Ambitious former rodeo queen Harlee Jo Holiday must fix Oak Whitlock’s troubled heart if she’s ever going to get him to help rescue her stolen horses. The only trouble is even Oak’s dog and horse can’t stand to be around him. Brooding Oak Whitlock can’t get his life on track. That is, until Harlee Jo comes riding up with her hopes and dreams. Between her and her stolen horses, will Oak learn you have to climb right back in the saddle?


Story-line: When easy-going Tanker Sutherland is jilted at the altar, he moves to Utah for a job on the ski patrol and to train a new avalanche rescue dog, Tobler. Tank is annoyed when he’s assigned to help a pretentious, well-to-do woman named Olivia find her brother instead of an official search and rescue. Never once did he dream it would involve criminal recyclers, kidnapping, an avalanche and serious danger. Olivia is terrified of being buried alive, but it doesn’t stop her from going to the winter mountains during a huge storm to find her real estate developer brother when he doesn’t return her calls. Unfortunately, she’s assigned a ski patroller who doesn’t have his heart in the search. Will Olivia and Tanker set their distrust aside long enough to rescue her brother from criminal recyclers?

Full-Length Book

Story-line: Katelynn swore she would never return to the small mining town of Comstock, Utah where she’d grown up. Only bad memories remain there of her estranged father, the gossipy townsfolk, and her teen sweetheart Walt Jeffries who broke her heart. But after receiving a letter from her father, she grudgingly returns only to find he died over a year ago and the past may not be all she’s been told.

Walt Jeffries is trying to bring new business to his dying town when Kate returns. Her digging up the past may risk everything he’s working toward. As Kate determinedly delves into the past, Walt finds himself between a rock and a hard place concerning his feeling for her and his duty to the town. Can the two learn their real legacies, save Walt’s Rottweiler, Festus, and avoid getting killed themselves?

Will the truth set them free to fall in love?

Full-Length Book

Story-line: Single-minded Dean Harward is going to become a veterinarian if it kills him. He’s worked summers as a volunteer wildfire fighter to earn big cash for college. Just his luck, a pyrophobic woman gets assigned to his team. He’s certain she’ll get him killed before he can graduate.       
Terrified Ginger Warby never dreamed she would get assigned as a firefighter while trying discover why a friend died. She planned on staying in base camp as a cook and asking a few questions. Now she’s a walking firestorm as accidents continually spark around her. Or are they accidents?  
Can Dean keep the flames of desire he reluctantly feels for Ginger under control long enough to keep them and his Yellow Labrador, Dixie, alive?        
Get fired up and buy this book to day!

Full-Length Book

Story-line: Riding a bucking bronco would be easier than the ride Dallas Mae Jenkins is on. While escaping an abusive relationship, she ends up in a wreck and stranded at a remote dairy in Utah. Worse yet, the presence of her horse stirs up memories of an old town murder, and Dallas finds herself in serious danger. The last thing Tom Allred needs is a wily female working at his dairy, especially one dragging up a murder he was accused of committing. Will Tom’s antacids hold out until he can get rid of Dallas? Or, will she lasso his heart?

Full-Length Book

Story-line: All portrait artist Lizzie Cantrell wanted was a change in careers to avoid consoling bereaved families and dealing with death. She didn’t know she’d end up stealing a dead body and a casket full of heroin and running from the drug cartel. She also didn’t know she’d end up on the 6 o’clock news wanted for grand theft auto, robbery and assault on a police officer. And to top it off, she must deal with her sister’s Chinese Crested, stowaway dog and a stiff-necked funeral director to boot. Buried away as a funeral director for the past two years because of an accident that left him scarred, Phillip Van Dyke finds himself in a grave situation involving a military drug smuggling operation. Worse yet, his accomplice is a beautiful portrait artist who’s managing to exhume the remains of his deceased heart.  Dig into this good book today!

Full-Length Book

Story-line: Overprotected Tatum Stewart ventures out on her own, buying a historical home in Sugar House, Utah, and starting her own business. She has no idea everything will fall apart, literally. Anxiety-addled Ryan Bulldarren isn’t ready for running the home restoration business without his injured brother, especially when it comes to bidding a job for a beautiful woman. Ryan comes to Tatum’s rescue more than once when thugs break into her home, but is she prepared for his protection when she starts dating? Oh, and did he really buy her a Bullmastiff puppy for protection? Can these two construct a loving relationship while digging up what’s really going on in the basement on Laird Avenue?

Full-Length Book

Story-line: At the age of fifteen, Carly Sue McCluskie ran away from the family farm to escape her abusive great uncle Ezra and the torment of her classmates only to end up homeless on the streets of Salt Lake City. Eight years later, she reluctantly returns to oversee Ezra’s estate and is not surprised to learn someone killed the old codger. What she didn’t expect is someone attempting to kill her. Seth Wakely and his family have been feuding with the McCluskies for a lifetime, but that doesn’t stop him from helping a neighbor in need. Seth is as surprised as a pig laying an egg when he learns someone in their little country town might have killed Ezra and now Carly Sue’s life is in danger. Seth finds himself torn between protecting her and the bitter memories of the past, including what he did to Carly Sue. Good thing he can send his Border collie, Jewel, over to protect her. Will their Hatfield and McCoy relationship continue, or will Carly Sue and Seth be able to conquer the anger which corrals them and, instead, learn to love?  
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Full-Length Book

Story-line: Therapy dog trainer and hospice aide Harmony Hastings takes a much needed Zen vacation only to return to sheer chaos at the Silver Sunset Senior Community. Old Doc Barlow has disappeared, a mysterious but gorgeous young doctor has taken his place, and the patients keep going Code Red. Dr. Benjamin Dunford, Jr. found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is now in the witness protection plan in the state of Utah doctoring geriatric patients. He could use some peace and quiet, but he finds himself entangled with a zany hospice aide, a bunch of crazy dogs, and suspicious medical mishaps with his patients. Will Dr. Dunford be the cure to Harmony’s anxieties or the cause? She might have to meditate on that one.

A Merchant Street Mystery Book 1
Full-Length Book

It is a mystery under the definition of: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain and not a mystery novel with clues.

Storyline: Being paranoid, Holly Waterbury just can’t handle all the suspicious behavior centered on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. Being volunteered to help her hoarding Uncle Kipp recover after a fall and finding out he has a dog is not helping to calm her excitable nature either.

But, it’s really Zach Abberley, the good-looking, take-charge homeless man, her uncle hired to help clean up his clock shop that has Holly baffled. Just why are his teeth so white? Throw in a not-so-valuable clock everyone is willing to kill for and Holly’s imagination runs wild.

Only time will tell just how long it takes before Holly will figure out the mysteries of Merchant Street, including the sexy homeless man.

A Merchant Street Mystery Book 2
Full-Length Book

It is a mystery under the definition of: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain and not a mystery novel with clues.
Story-line: High-spirited Daniela Estrada is tired of waiting for life and love to come to her in her poppa’s butcher shop. She wants to open her own doggie grooming business on Merchant Street and live her own life. Instead while deer hunting, her Uncle Benito goes missing and the area is swarming with aggressive black bears. Practical Duston “Buck” Cooper, who owns the Bird Dog Gun Shop, has helped the police on cases with his German Short-haired Pointer and is training a Karelian Bear dog. Duston adores Daniela but secrets about his brother prevent him from getting close to anyone. He believes that if something is meant to be, it will. Can Daniela recruit Duston to find her uncle, and will the two stop waiting for happenstance and attack what they both want–love?

A Merchant Street Mystery Book 3
Full-Length Book

It is a mystery under the definition of: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain and not a mystery novel with clues.
Story-line: Risk-taker Zeke Abberley knows how to be bold when it comes to his antique shop on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. He successfully bid on a collection of 1800s antiques in Nauvoo, Illinois that may contain a valuable Hayez painting. However, love is another matter. Afraid that all women are gold diggers, he’s always injuring his dates, particularly Lavinia, who works at her father’s art gallery. Studious Lavinia Vega is tired of proving to Zeke that she has no ulterior motives. When he brings her a damaged painting to restore and authenticate, she discovers a hidden map behind the painting that leads to valuable buried coins. Can Lavinia and her poodle, Vivete, convince Zeke that fortunes are for fools and love is everlasting?

Genre: Historical, Holiday, Family-life Fiction

Story-line:  Louise has been passed from one relative to another for years. Now, World War II has ended, she’s ready to graduate high school and wants to escape to Salt Lake City, Utah on her own. That is, until she meets Danny who has just returned from World War II. 
Danny longed for two years to return to his small home town. Now that he’s home, nothing feels the same. He finds himself wishing for more out of life than working his family’s farm and turning his money over to his parents. When friends decide to elope to Las Vegas, Danny and Louise find themselves along for the ride. 
With very few possessions, little money and limited jobs after the war, the two struggle to build a future with only their love, friends, optimism and faith.       Fly into this good book today!