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David B. Bryan is an author, Success Coach, and Chopra Centre Certified Instructor with 25 years of meditation and meditation retreat experience. He has spent his life exploring new adventures and opportunities. David was Rookie of the Year in his local club’s Associates Cricket League, despite not starting to play the sport until he was 50. David is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with a General Arts Degree. He is an eclectic polymath. After a 27-year career as a legal professional, specializing in trademark law at a Bay Street law firm in Toronto, David dealt with several personal crises by turning toward an exploration of his own consciousness and his larger questions about life. His experiments and experiences in meditation, combined with his study of modern science, provide the basis for his first book, The 7 Principles of The Affluent Soul. ​ His heroes include physicist Albert Einstein, and Jean Beliveau, a former hockey star with the Montreal Canadiens. David currently lives in Toronto, Canada, with his partner Rosie.

Exploring Consciousness, Science & Philosophy
Genre: Non-fiction: Personal Growth, Spiritual Philosophy, Meditation

David B. Bryan has been on a journey of discovery and it led him to The 7 Principles of The Affluent Soul: Exploring Consciousness, Science, & Philosophy to Discover Inner Affluence Beyond What Money Can Buy. This book describes that journey, along with the benefits of opening your awareness to expanding beyond the realm of your physical reality. You, and so many others, are often focused on what you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Your world is often defined by the expectations of society and its definition of happiness. David encourages you to look beyond material affluence, to create your own inner affluence. How?The key is changing how you use your conscious awareness. David leads you first through a consideration of life’s big questions, and second, through an exploration of new ways you can think about conscious awareness. Part Three focuses on each of the 7 Principles, outlining what they are and how you can bring their richly rewarding benefits into your life. If you want to explore the “something more” that can take your life to new dimensions of affluence, then begin the journey in The 7 Principles of The Affluent Soul!