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In David R Lewis’ rather extended life, he has been a musician, a metropolitan cop, a ranch hand and cowboy, and an award-winning writer and performer of radio and television commercial copy. Now, as just another embattled crusader in the writing wars, the most and least he claims to be is a teller of stories. David’s novels are character driven because, to him, life is character driven. Rich characters, tight dialogue, and uncomplicated story lines draw readers into David’s stories. Welcome to Theatre of the Mind.

Genre: Thriller

Tired of his life and weary of his sins, Joseph Casey places himself in the hands of medical researchers as an object of study. A 400 year-old-vampire in the power of mere humans, he asks for one thing in return: help in finding his 14 year-old-daughter, who he has not seen in over 150 years.
Credible, intelligent, and savage, BLOODTRAIL is a novel of love, lust, science, and intrigue. It transports the vampire fable to a new level of believability as it challenges the myths and legends and brings the genre into the here and now.
From a slave ship run aground in 1635 to the secret laboratories of the Proteus Trust, from Chicago’s Field Museum to northern Arkansas, from the Colorado high country to the mountains of Austria, it is a gripping novel of surprising humor, tender moments, and merciless brutality. Travel the BLOODTRAIL with viable science, compelling characters, and crisp dialogue. But be careful. Something really is out there.

Genre: Thriller

This story continues with Joseph Casey, the central character from Bloodtrail. Casey, now working with an investigative laboratory, spearheads a team expedition into the African rainforest in search of the origins of the Nosferati virus in an attempt to isolate a healing mechanism contained in the twelve strands of DNA carried by those few individuals who survive death from the viral infection and become addicted to human blood. While in the Congo, Casey and his party deal with river pirates, discover a secondary blood-driven civilization powered by our closest simian relatives, and are present at the death of the oldest sentient being to have ever lived, an ancient woman born during the Bronze Age. Returning home, he must then attempt to rescue his son, who has been lured away to a Nosferati breeding facility in southern Mexico. From the depths of the Salonga River Basin near The Great Rift in Central Africa, to the Mountains of Colorado, to easy pickings among the destitute and homeless of sprawling Mexico City, Bloodline is a novel of brutality, love, need, and humanity among the un-human. Featured is the infant Hope, torn from her mother’s womb in Bloodtrail, as she deals with becoming a woman and a Nosferati.

Genre: Western

The year was 1881, an’ young Ruben Beeler was makin’ his way along near the Missouri River, findin’ work when he could an’ livin’ the only life he knew. When he come on ol’ Arliss Hyatt, beat to hell an’ near shot to death, Rube done what he could for him. He didn’t know that act of kindness was gonna wind up changin’ his whole life, but it did. Green as grass, Rube was a long way from bein’ any kind of pistoleer or shootist, but when Marshal Marion Daniels come on him an’ Arliss, an’needed help with the Duncan bunch, that tussle growed Rube up right quick. Then a town in trouble put him behind a badge of his own, an’ Rube done things he never thought he’d have to do. Life got tough, an’ it come time to root hog or die, on the Deer Run Trail.

Genre: Western

Comfortable in his new life in Deer Run, young Ruben Beeler is called away by Marshal Marion Daniels to help in an investigation of murder and mutilation north of St. Joe. That begins a search for killers and leads the men northward into unfamiliar territory, pitting them against a family of outlaws who have ruled Nodaway County since before the Civil War.
Push comes ta shove right smart, an’ things git hot an’ heavy quick, as even Rube, an’ Marion, an’ Homer, out numbered an’ outgunned, take to the dodge. It comes to be some desperate for all of ’em afore they git off THE NODAWAY TRAIL.

Genre: Mystery

“Got a gun?”
With those words, David Allen Crockett, a retired police officer who simply wanted to be left alone, finds his seclusion shattered by his friend, therapist Ruby LaCost. At Ruby’s request, Crockett agrees to teach one of her clients, Rachael Moore, how to defend herself with a handgun.
During the course of those lessons, Crockett and Rachael begin an intimate relationship. When Rachael is found dead from an apparent suicide, Crockett is devastated and tries to slink back into his self-imposed seclusion. But things get complicated when Crockett is contacted by Rachael’s aunt, who believes the suicide was staged and claims she has the name of the murderer. Together, Crockett and Ruby begin an investigation that leads them into a world of treachery, deceit, and death.

Genre: Mystery

After trying to help a friend with bad dreams, Crockett and Ruby are visited by a beautiful woman who was the victim of murder over fifty years ago. From an unknown grave, she sets them on a course to save her great grand daughter from repeating the mistakes of three generations. With the help of Cletus Marshal and the skill of a Vietnam era helicopter pilot, Crockett and Ruby attempt to rectify a past, save a future, and keep a Grave Promise.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Transplanted from a life of wealth and duty in Philadelphia to the wilds of Kansas City by her career-hungry and inattentive husband, Lucin Montgomery becomes a displaced stranger in a strange land. Her disillusionment with her life and her marriage begins a search for her own sexual identity; a seductive journey of self-awareness that leads from visions of the Willow World of an ancient Japanese courtesan, to the sensual appreciation of her own female essence, to the liberating reminder from a long-dead grandmother that femininity and the ways it may be exploited are without limit, and love has a life of its own.

Genre: Native American

The year was 1803. It was a time when the West was not only frontier, it was the undiscovered country. It was the time of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, before the trains of Prairie Schooners and settlers, before cowboys or cattle drives, before Colonel Colt and the six-shooter, and nearly a three quarters of a century before George Armstrong Custer and his men were killed at Little Big Horn. It was a time when the western fur trade was new, and only the first of the mountain men had left the Mississippi behind on their journey into the wilderness. It was there that Nathaniel Horne was alone and dying from the lack of food and the snows of winter. It was there a savage native people, in spite of the fact that he was not a true Human Being, gave him shelter. From that kindness came Snow-Walker, and Nathaniel began his Incidents Among the Savages.

Genre: Crime Fiction

The year is 1971. Gary Frost and Roger Dix are partners on the police department….uniformed officers, the grunts who get the job done, day after day and night after night. Because of a dumb cop and a stupid accident, racial tensions are running high. It’s a scary time to be behind the badge.
This book is a work of fiction largely based in fact. Most of the characters are people or composites of people I knew or worked with back in the day.
It is not politically correct. It is honest, accurate, and raw. The names have been changed to protect the guilty as well as the innocent. Hit the street with Frost and Dix, but keep your head on a swivel. Anything can happen when it’s time to play Cowboys and Indians.

Genre: Memoir

This book is the story of one man’s lifetime search for his place in the cosmos and his purpose in the universe. A teacher, healer, reader and author, David R Lewis has spent his life moving from dogma to karma and farther in the search for answers to the questions so many of us have. David offers a wealth of his personal experience and shares some of the wisdom of his mentor, the late Doctor Henry Rucker. In a refreshing approach to life, he claims no truths but his own with no desire to convert or convince, but only to share and support. Join David in this glimpse of the Endless Journey Toward an Unknown Destination.

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