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Fred was born February 1. 1942 to Joe and Vernice Funk of Denton, Texas.  The place of his birth, the old Denton Hospital on South Locust Street still stands. He grew up in Denton and Arygle, Texas.  His school years were spent at Texas State College for Women (now TWU) Demonstration School, Denton Jr. High on Denton Street, and he graduated from Denton High School in 1960.  On August 24, 1960 he and Dana tied the knot at Cole Chapel, First Methodist Church, Denton, Texas.  At that time their lifelong adventure began and 55 years later it continues.  They have three children, two girls and one boy, they are blessed with eight grandchildren, and 3 great-granddaughters and 3 great-grandsons .  He and Dana both attended North Texas State College (now UNT).  After two semesters at NTSC they transferred to East Texas State College so that Fred could pursue a pre-theology degree with a minor in psychology.   Fred later changed his educational and career path to accounting and finance.  He worked for the largest retail home furnishings company in the South for thirty-five years. With their move to East Texas the adventure became more exciting as is chronicled in his books.

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Lettie lived in a constant state of heartbreak, carrying a burden of sin until the day she died: A sin so grievous that it was visited upon her first-born son, Jake Jr., known to all as Bud. Bud lived in a constant state of anger and envy, wishing harm upon the younger brother and sister who had been spared the curse of Lettie’s sin.
All his life, Bud’s thoughts never strayed far from how he could get Hal and Marla out of the way so that his parents would have room in their hearts for him. Constantly on the move, Bud would always find himself back at home in Denton, Texas, where his mother could never refuse his demands for money…after all, she owed him for what she had done to him.
What had consumed Lettie’s heart with shame and Bud’s with thoughts of vengeance? Would an answer come in time to give either a happy resolution?
Fred L. Funk borrows a real-life family story from the past to draw this emotional portrait of siblings and their parents in turmoil. 

Genre: Historical Fiction

A monster in human form is preying on pretty young women in the mountain resort town of Leadville, Colorado. Usually his unspeakable desires go unsatisfied. But one September night in 1979, seventeen-year-old Marcia Leggett is caught in his snare, and is brutally raped and murdered in the woods near picturesque Turquoise Lake. Lake County law enforcement, led by Sheriff Gil Gentry, quickly determines a suspect, but the elusive killer manages to stay one step ahead as he plots his next deadly conquest. Hindering the investigation are the weather, the terrain, and the killer’s strong survival skills. The sheriff and his team work tirelessly, day after day, week after week, but can they catch the monster and bring him to justice before he claims another life? Fred L. Funk weaves a terrifying story of crime and punishment, inspired by an actual case from decades ago. The author incorporates many of the stories told to him by a family member, a retired county sheriff, to bring gritty realism to Terror Mountain.

Genre: Historical Fiction

From the day he was born in the wilds of Kentucky, Ephrim Tribulation Rush’s life was a testament to his middle name.  Orphaned in childhood, Ephrim is fortunate to find a neighboring family to look after him, and there he also finds the love of his life.

When their safety is threatened by outlaws, Indians, and the ongoing Civil War, Ephrim and his bride and their children set out on a journey to find a new home in the West, from Kentucky up to Indiana and across to Missouri.  There they settle believing they have staked a claim in the Promised Land.  But the promise is broken one day in 1865 when Ephrim’s life as he knows it comes to a brutal end.

Bit by bitter bit, Ephrim begins to heal, and his journey continues onward to Texas and the Red River, where he rebuilds his life, facing more tribulations but also more blessings.  There also begins the dynasty that endures to the present day.  Ephrim’s great-grandson, Daniel, tells the remarkable story to his own son, along with the unexpected and unsettling turn of events that fractured the family after six generations.

Fred L. Funk creates an exciting multi-generational saga loosely based on people and events in his own family, with well-researched historical and geographical details that chronicle a remarkable life and journey.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Elise Brighton’s beloved aunt, Cassie Bienville died at the hand of those who had been entrusted to care for her in her declining years; not through simple negligence but through fraud and outright homicide.  The evidence was brutally damning, yet the perpetrators were cleared of criminal charges in a miscarriage of justice that resounded with fury throughout the Louisiana Delta.  The Grayson family’s stately plantation house was only a façade for their horrific treatment of loved ones who resided there, unable to defend themselves, and yet the court allowed the killers to go free.  Will Cassie ever receive the justice she and the other victims deserve?
Fred L. Funk has crafted a chilling story that has its roots in true headlines of predators exploiting the most vulnerable members of socie

Genre: Historical Fiction

In Civil War days, the banks of Cannon Creek became the final resting place for Confederate soldiers who died in a battle there. Now it quietly meanders through the genteel suburb of Shelby, Georgia, where wars of a different type are fought behind closed plantation doors.
Upon the death of his favorite aunt, Victoria, Adam Westfall returns to Shelby’s distinctive Middleton Manor to help with the estate. Something is not right; the circumstances of Victoria’s decline and death were suspicious, as were the death of her husband and others in the Middleton family circle over the years.
What goes on in the “best” families comes as a shock to Adam as he attempts to discover what really happened to the latest victims to fall on the banks of Cannon Creek.

Genre: Historical Fiction

A heartbreaking story based on actual events. To Dale and Julia he had always been “Boss,” who with his wife Addie had been their best friend.  They had never known him to be anything other than a kind, generous, hardworking man, endlessly cheerful and a joy to be with. At the end of his life, Boss calls his friend to his side to unburden his soul.  Dale listens as the story of Boss’s early life unfolds, revealing him to have been born an abused. unwanted child who did whatever it took to survive in a hardscrabble mining town in West Virginia.  As he grew, he embarked on a career as a grifter getting by on his good looks and silver tongue.  The abused child in turn became an abusive man who neglected and abandoned his own family the same way he had been. Nothing good ever happen to Boss until he met Addie, whose love had finally turned his life around to become the man Dale thought he knew.  Boss had spent most of his life trying to get his mother to love him.  How different would his life have been if only she had not thrown him away.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Matt Reynolds, a young Methodist minister, and his pregnant wife, Beth, arrive in rural Pruett, Texas, in the early 1960s to begin his first pastorate away from home. On the surface, Pruett is just a sleepy little town in the Piney Woods, and the folks in his small congregation are nice enough, if a bit peculiar. Little do Matt and Beth know that the woods outside the town conceal the profitable and illegal enterprises of the local moonshiners, and no one in town is what they seem. Having led a somewhat sheltered existence until now, Matt and Beth have their eyes opened to human nature in ways they never could have imagined. From a convicted murderer living next door on one side to a suspicious widow on the other, his congregation includes a cast of colorful characters who become unlikely friends and surprising enemies. Matt learns the hard way that members of his flock are capable of great love and warmth…and of great violence and treachery.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Sequel to the award-winning Ministry and Moonshine (Winner, 2013 North Texas Book Festival Award) Young preacher Matt Reynolds and his wife, Beth, spent a year in the tiny East Texas town of Pruett, spreading the gospel, making remarkable friendships, and facing many unforeseen troubles. As they prepare to move on to a new town and a new beginning, an unexpected development changes everything. Instead of moving on, they find themselves thrown once again into the peculiar life of the town and its colorful characters. The preacher and his wife have already faced malicious gossips, murderers, bootleggers, adulterers, and moonshiners, and have come through mostly unscathed. What could be worse than any of those?Matt has never doubted that “The Man Upstairs” is in control, but he wonders what message He is sending when he must form an alliance with some of the meanest, most disreputable folk in the area to fight forces much more sinister than moonshiners. He and Beth find themselves staring down a dark road filled with mystery and danger that could threaten not only their own safety but the very survival of the town.

Genre: Historical Fiction

More than forty years have passed since Matt and Beth Reynolds lived in the small East Texas town of Pruett, where he served as pastor of the Methodist church, and where they got an eye-opening education about human nature.  Some of those lessons resulted in lifelong friendships, and others became the stuff of nightmares—quite literally, in Matt’s case.  As a homecoming celebration at the old church approaches, Matt relives in his dreams one of the most harrowing experiences of his life during that time: the murder of a troublesome moonshiner and the conviction for that crime of a man Matt had looked upon as good friend.
Convinced that there was more to the story, Matt and Beth take the occasion of the homecoming to ask questions of the surviving cast of characters in hopes of finding out the truth and stopping the nightmares.  What they discover only raises more questions, as they learn how much their friends and fellow citizens had withheld from them by “looking out for their own”. . . and how both the victim and the convicted murderer, like most of the peculiar folks in Pruett, were not who they seemed to be