Jim Yackel hails from upstate New York. An author of Christian Fiction, Jim is also an indie news reporter, and a singer/songwriter. HOME: A Wayfarers Story is his tenth fiction book release.

A Wayfarers Story
Genre: Suspense / Thriller/ Christian (Edgy)

They’re at odds with the new system – or is the system at odds with them? They’re on the run from the new device and they can’t let it gain ground on them.

Blood, lightning, Artificial Intelligence, and reconstruction: these are the elements of the New World Order and the colors representing the man who’ll be at the head of it. But is he an ordinary man, or are there supernatural and AI elements at play?

Was there a book of the bible that came after Revelation but was removed during the Reformation? Does this book describe a place worse than Hell that even God and Satan fear to tread?

Powers, principalities, and rulers of dark places. Journey along with a cast of wayfarers as they pursue truth in a time of great deception. Will they overcome, or will the succumb to the supernatural, physical, and technological battles waged in the fallen U.S.A. during the End of Days?

Through it all, will these wayfarers find truth, healing, deliverance, and mercy?

A Wayfarers Story
Genre: Suspense / Thriller/ Christian (Edgy)

It’s the end times, and yet the beat of the heart is the still the enabler of human life. The mind is reliant on that beat, but the spirit is the guider of thought. And as so much of America has rejected the promptings of the Holy Spirit, is there any goodness left in its heart and mind? Years after suffering a peculiar Traumatic Brain Injury, musician Jack Eaton finds himself on yet another perilous journey. His spirit guides him as he sets out on the narrow path at a time when America as most have known it has ceased to exist. While his thoughts are clear and concise and his body strong, there is still residual head pain that plagues him, and dreams, visions, and the promptings of the Holy Spirit that drive him. 
Jack has seen two failed marriages, and yet in his heart there is unfinished business. It’s that longing that draws him out of relative safety and into a Godless landscape of artificial intelligence, military rule, economic collapse, perversion, idol worship, and war. Can Jack find real love in a time of abject chaos and hate? Will there be a total healing of his physical pain? America has broken down, but will God use Jack as a force to hold lives together as he longs to get home?

A Wayfarer’s Story
Genre: Suspense / Thriller / Christian (Edgy)

Where do the lines between fiction and non-fiction become blurred? Musician Jack Eaton struggles to the point of physical pain over events witnessed in his dreams and while in a coma eight years prior. Did he see much of the future eight years in advance? Like someone speaking in their dreams, Jack said things while in his coma that has made him a threat to national security. America has been flipped upside-down as the New World Order is dissolving the nation’s sovereignty. Artificial Intelligence and cryptocurrencies are the norm, despite electricity, internet, cable, and phone service working only part of the time. The fog of deception is heavy, and even the elect – and the elected – are being deceived. American citizens are losing Constitutional rights, and possibly the Constitution itself. The rich and powerful are playing God, and on the surface, it appears that they’re enjoying great success. The members of Jack’s band and others were taken to an undisclosed location after a raid by government agencies on an apartment complex in upstate New York. Now Jack and his friend Dave Jamison must find the musicians and the others taken; if they’re still alive. In the darkness, will there be light for them to follow? It’s mayhem in End of Days America, and the journey Jack and Dave take could be their last.

A Wayfarer’s Story
Genre: Christian/Fiction/Mystery/Suspense

Fortress – a Wayfarers Story is an edgy and realistic fiction tale that depicts an America that is a far cry from that which your grandparents, or even your parents grew up in. God has been asked to leave the proverbial building, leaving the door open for enemies natural and supernatural to enter. As the nation stands on the verge of global and civil war and economic collapse, up is down, right is wrong, and a fog of deception has settled over the amber waves of grain. Lies are presented as truth, while those who would tell the truth are marginalized and persecuted. And could it be that those who disseminate the truth would have their very modes of conveyance taken away? If you’re a fan of the alternative media and a watcher of world events, Fortress is a fiction story that just might smack of truth.

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

The Wayfarers puts its first step forward with Walking Dreams, paces off the miles in Five Feet From the Cabin Door, and culminates with Jacob’s Trouble.
An intriguing cast of characters that could possibly be you, your neighbors, and your friends, take together and separately an unintended journey seeking safety, security, and answers – as an America in sudden crisis and the entire world spin out of control into the biblical End of Days. As these individuals are pulled into a natural and supernatural battle against powers, principalities and the rulers of dark places, could they all survive and make it to that place of safety and security? As you survey a radically-changing world today, are you seeking that same eternal refuge? Are you ready to take the walk?
Part One – Walking Dreams
Can’t anything go right!?
He’s a bright, industrious, and creative man whose world is falling down around him as his very life has become imperiled. As he teeters on the precipice of total breakdown; an automobile’s mechanical failure forces this man without an address to begin a walk that was intended to take him to his place of lodging – but would he ever make it there? What colorful and potentially impactful individuals would he meet while on his unplanned walk? While life is tough for our friend; there are others who have it tougher. The suffering individuals that he meets along the way will bless him, enlighten him, and help to prepare him for an epic journey where he will be called upon to play a role of leadership to others as the Unites States of America is inflicted with severe trauma.
Part Two – Five Feet From the Cabin Door
The world has been flipped on its head as a distressed young woman is rapidly spinning toward rock-bottom and feels compelled to take a walk to try to clear her mind and relieve her burdens. Little does she know that she does not walk alone; but who or what is walking with her? Does it mean her harm or will it ultimately save her? What on earth drove her to come down to this desolate path? Where does this path lead?
That same day, a spirit-led man is compelled to take a walk because there is a calling he must answer. There is no time to ask questions, and he too finds that he is not walking alone. Time is of the essence as the landscape and the world as a whole may be changing; albeit suddenly and not for the best. Are these individuals running from trouble, or are they running to a sanctuary that will bring them safety and security?
Part Three – Jacob’s Trouble
Six months after America’s worst day – that being a wave of terror attacks on the east coast – the nation has fallen to its knees. The Christian Church has been raptured, or were the UFO’s in the sky an indicator of a massive alien abduction instead? The U.S. Dollar is on the verge of collapse as rioting and looting mar the streets of the country’s population centers and Martial Law is still in effect – but there are some new sheriffs in town and they are bent on taking over the traditional means of enforcement. Television and radio are being controlled and only one network is left to report the news of the world. It seems that even the weather forecasts are being massaged!
A young man and his brother are being watched by the “new sheriffs” and he is led to head “out back” in an effort to stay on the “down-low.” But, how far out back or how far away will he and his brother have to go in an effort to stay safe? Will they end up going it alone, or will they meet others along the way to make whatever journey they take a safe one? Will a new man on the world scene have any influence on the events that transpire in the lives of the young man, his brother, or the world? This could be a journey where the end is the beginning at a time when the world is seeing the beginning of the end…

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

Memory is pain, but there are some things he’ll never forget…
     At thirty-nine years of age, Will Gailey is an “over the hill” singer-songwriter who leads a rock band that the music business doesn’t consider to have the “now” sound. A trauma has rocked his world, and as a result his memory of events has been severely affected. Will can remember the lyrics and chord changes to his songs, but there are other things that seemingly he’s forgotten. Will has always enjoyed fishing, but even that relaxing activity has become a source of frustration. He’s become angry and disassociated, and has turned from the one thing that could bring him peace and healing. And where that one thing is concerned, that’s where his anger and the blame for his physical and spiritual pain are errantly directed. In his mind, that one thing is the cause for his loss and his suffering.
     Months after the trauma, Will continues to suffer crushing headaches. He decides to take matters into his own hands as what is supposed to heal his anguish is only exacerbating it. He’s become weakened, vulnerable, and open to spiritual torment. He’s alone and in need of help, but when people come into his life that can be of assistance he’s apt to reject them. Vivid dreams, visions, and hallucinations occur, and in them are both the help he needs and likewise persecution. Will was a strong man, but now there’s a strong man that’s found a breach and is creating havoc in his life. Will remembers how to defeat the strong man, but it seems that he’s chosen to forget.
     Will has changed, but band mates and friends remember how he “used to be.” Can he be the way he used to be again?

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

What will it take to shake them awake? Living in a world of convenience and instant self-gratification, American sleepwalkers are numbed, dumbed, and blind to the perilous shadows that the nation is being surrounded by. This diverse demographic lives a life of alcoholism, drug use, lotto, computer games, smartphones – and in many cases opulence and haughty self-anointing. But the single thread that ties these various demographic groups together is their ignorance to the collapsing economy and world around them. As the year 2013 winds down, there is a darkness that is sweeping America and the world, and these individuals are collectively blinded to it by self-medication and by The Powers That Be through the entertainment and mainstream news media. The darkness is as much supernatural as natural, and seemingly only a few watchmen can see it coming.
     A Christian man named Jeff Seagraves toils in a busy convenience store serving those who choose to stay asleep, and while he is awake and aware those who slumber appear to enjoy a higher quality of life and a greater sense of freedom. As they wallow in the trappings of modern convenience and swallow the lies that the government and media feed them, Jeff suffers through anxiety, depression, fear and worry as he struggles to make ends meet. His faith is strong, but he is not free. Could the roots of his failure and despair be as much supernatural as natural? Could much of his malady be linked to his past?
     Jeff relies on the alternative media and YouTube for his news as the mainstream does nothing but facilitate the spread of the darkness. Will he encounter a mysterious messenger on YouTube who has inside knowledge as to coming events that will change the world? Will there be an event that will shake the sleepwalking populace into consciousness? Will Jeff ever be delivered of his own darkness and used by God to be a source of light when seemingly all light has been extinguished?

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

America was warned but most didn’t listen. Darkness has settled upon the majority of the contiguous fifty states during a brutally cold and snowy winter. Many have frozen or starved to death, or was it the strange flu that killed them?
The military and government agencies have taken control with such rapidity that it seems they must have had prior knowledge that the event that brought darkness was coming. But is it the American government that’s truly in charge? Has a promised “transformation” finally been achieved? And when a transformation is considered, it it merely geopolitical or are there spiritual and religious elements involved?
     Cheryl Seagraves struggles in what could be referred to as the Modern Stone Age. Her husband Jeff donned a black ski mask on YouTube and offered a warning to the nation, and now he’s gone missing. Cheryl is left to care for a young girl that Jeff rescued after the child’s parents were killed by government forces intent on enforcing Martial Law. With her husband gone without a trace, will the strain of caring for the child while she endures the heartbreak of his absence be too much for Cheryl to bear? Will she fall into old vices as a means of coping? Will she be forced to question the faith in Christ that has been her rock and fortress?
     Eyes Pried Open picks up where The Sleepwalkers left off, and could be a hint of things to come for an America lulled to sleep in the cozy bed of modern convenience and freedom taken for granted in a world headed into the End Times.

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

Prophetic dreams and visions? Dire warnings of imminent Biblical apocalypse? A musician named Jesse Same, who reluctantly impersonates Elvis Presley for his living, resides in the same small town that was the birthplace of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. We all know that foolish flying monkeys were a part of the journey to the fictional Land of Oz, but could they also serve as legitimate real-life demonic apparitions? Jesse thinks so, as he sees them and things far more foreboding and relative to contemporary America, the world, the occult, secret societies, and the powers that be. Would anyone – including a local church pastor – even believe him, or would they consider him absurd?
     Jesse has grown weary of the Elvis gig and desires to do something new with his music career. Likewise, he desires to have more time with his young son and that means wrestling him away from his manipulative and controlling ex-wife and her hard-driving new husband. They don’t subscribe to Jesse’s strong faith in Jesus and are troubled that the young son has developed his father’s passionate love for the Lord. How far would the ex and her husband go to keep the young son from Jesse? Would the young boy put himself into great danger in order to be with his dad? Would Jesse ever learn who his own father is? As this man who is a dead-ringer for the King of Rock-n-Roll dreams prophetic dreams, the supernatural creeps through the cracks in the walls that separate it from the natural realm as those who are bound to this world may soon witness the end of America and the world as they know it. Will the man’s dreams and visions come to pass? Is there any hope for the nation and the individuals who appear in his dreams?
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