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Hi, we’re Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD – best known as Judith & Jim, a husband-and-wife coaching / psychology team and best selling authors. 
We’ve discovered the core issue that holds people back from the success they desire, and we call our approach “Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous.” It’s based on our evolutionary and enlightening discoveries about Unconscious Loyalties – what we call Allegiances and Forbiddances – that are deeply causal in preventing optimal success in any area of life.  
Consequently our transformative Mastery-Level Coaching and Personal Coaching have attracted a loyal referral base and private following.
As master coaches and leadership consultants on retainer to LinkedIn and contributors to LinkedIn’s Influencers Page and the Huffington Post, as well as master coaches for a variety of entrepreneurs as well as major corporations in the United States and internationally, we routinely hear how our unique, in-depth approach quickly and robustly improves our clients’ leadership and relationship strengths and abilities.
We’ve authored eight books providing deep-psychologically based insight and guidance that can apply to a variety of executive and leadership topics, all stemming from our original focus on relationships and as guest experts we have appeared on over 2700 radio and television shows including Oprah, The View, 48 Hours, MSNBC, CNN, and Canada AM and we are the producers of the tested and proven life-changing program “Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous” program.
We have been interviewed for and published by hundreds of newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, O, Family Circle, Redbook, Gioia (Italy), Cosmopolitan, Bride’s, Mentor Magazine (Australia), Manner Vogue (Germany), Essence, Glamour, Playboy,  London Sunday Times, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, Best Life, Parents’ Magazine, and Today’s Black Woman.
As trainers and motivational speakers, we’ve been working with audiences around the world since 1988. Due to the depth of understanding we bring to the challenges men and women face when they suffer from The Fear of Being Fabulous—in their careers, wealth building, love life—we focus on taking event participants and private clients through the deep unconscious blind spots that hold them back, opening the gateway to their freedom and ability to magnify their excellence. Routinely we hear that their experience was truly transformational, and usually includes stories about their new life satisfaction and success!
More than our extensive professional background, we bring profound personal experience and knowledge to our work, having had to overcome The Fear of Being Fabulous ourselves. Married since 1988, we’ve triumphed in our success together.

Genre: Biography/Music/ Entertainment

What Really Silenced Whitney Houston’s Once Beautiful Voice And Caused Her Untimely Death?  Whitney Houston’s powerful voice made her one of the greatest musical geniuses of our generation. Yet even while she attained a level of triumphant success that surpassed all other musical stars, she descended into the pits of an internal hell that finally took her life. While her descent was fueled by drugs and supported by a destructive marriage, the true cause of her death has never been revealed before now.  Beginning with early childhood and tracing her life and career, What Really Killed Whitney Houston (JayEss Publishing) by husband and wife psychology team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD examines her life and death through the lens of her unconscious loyalties and explains how these loyalties deprived her of being able to embrace and live inside her success. 

Genre: Self Help / Success

25 easy-to-practice tips for public speaking that will easily boost your self-confidence AND your effectiveness in connecting with your audience. Written by professional speakers and former actors, Judith & Jim (Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD) share with you the cornerstone elements of their personal success as speakers. This short, easy-to-read book 25 POWER SPEAKING TIPS Which Will Leave Your Audiences Wanting More! is a refreshing “how-to” collection of essentials that cuts to the chase and gives you the gold immediately. 

Genre:  Self Help / Love / Romance

Based on their sixteen years together as relationship trainers working with over 100,000 singles and couples, Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski have developed a truly new and original way to approach relationships. Be Loved for Who You Really Are describes the four passages of love and shows how differences between partners can be a rich source of deep intimacy, enhancing instead of destroying a relationship. Readers learn to recognize, understand, and value differences as the secret to keeping love, passion, and real romance alive for a lifetime.
Judith and Jim provide many inspiring examples that show how real love lives between two people, and how differences are at the heart of the deepest connection being together has to offer.

Genre: Self Help / Love / Relationships

In this collection of insightful essays and transformative affirmations, renowned relationship experts Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski help you experience the daily adventure of true, passionate, lasting love. You •will learn how to foster the genuine, spiritually nourishing intimacy that comes from celebrating the differences between you and your partner. Opening to Love 365 Days a Year is your invitation to become: more available to give and receive love; more determined to leave old wounds behind; and more confident that you can resolve whatever needs attention so your life and your love can flourish. By addressing some of the most significant aspects of dating and marriage― such as conflict, romance, trust, commitment, self-respect, curiosity, celebra­tion, frustration, and sexuality, just to name a few―this fascinating book will show you how to open your life to the transformational power of real-life love.
Whether you are currently looking for a partner, already in a committed relationship or hoping to repair a neglected relationship but don’t know how, this amazing book will give you instant insights that you can practice all through the year.

Genre: Marketing / Business

This book is about marketing. But more important, this is a book about you, the soft sell marketer–your desire, as a service provider or care-giver, to market and sell your products and services online or off without compromising your personal or professional values. In short, it’s about putting your heart into marketing. This book:
Validates the power of heart-to-heart connections that lead to emotional authenticity and marketing believability, taking sales beyond mere commercial transactions into long-term customer relationships;
Presents the principle that Selling Is Spiritual Service, healing the split soft sell marketers often feel between spirituality and sales;
Sheds light on the internal aspects of marketing beginning with integrity and ending with a balance between commerce and conscience.
Will open and inspire your soft sell imagination, setting the foundation for you to understand and profit from the practice of soft sell marketing.

Genre: Self Help / Love / Romance

When people involved in intimate relationships shed the masks of romantic love and see their partner for who he or she really is, they often feel like running. “We have nothing in common,” “This will never work.” In truth, differences are a treasure chest of pleasure and wonder, discovery and growth, passion and spiritual fulfillment. When you can recognize and value these differences, you will be set free, for an intimacy far richer than anything you have ever imagined.

Genre: Self Help / Wedding Planning

Each year, millions of couples get married, and millions of relationships are undermined by power struggles, fights, and stress before the big event arrives. Traditional wedding demands leave most couples too exhausted to experience the joy of their own event. Now savvy brides and grooms can find support to explore their wedding desires and be firm in their decisions, as we walk them through practical steps to making their wedding their own. With 150 real life wedding stories, we help couples capture the meaning and joy of the occasion together.