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It began for me when I picked up a Jules Verne novel at age fourteen. I was hooked. Books transported me to new places and gave me new experiences. I took creative writing classes through high school and I knew that writing would be my life. The passion continued into college where I pursued creative writing along with classes in journalism. This led to a job with a local television station where I learned how to create crisp copy that was both persuasive and easy to understand.

My writing career continued with executive speeches, film scripts, and live events. Success led to the formation of my own communications company, and that called on my previous television experience to both write and pitch compelling project proposals.

Multi-disciplinary success led to network television writing and production contracts with CBS Television and Discovery Channels, as well as other international broadcast interests.

A five-year contract with the Organization of American States broadened my scope, allowing me to journey deep into the jungles of South America and across the Caribbean Sea, where pirates still roam. On seemingly idyllic tropical islands I found black magic and dark intentions living just below the surface of polite society, and all of it was fertile soil for my imagination.

Genre: Thriller / Mystery 

An unscrupulous US Senator–
A bio-engineered terror–
And neo-Nazi plot to resurrect the “Final Solution.”
Only one man can stop the deaths of millions… if he can survive.

The countdown to disaster has begun and a new Nazi Final Solution is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Adam Dekker is accused of orchestrating a mad, daring attack on the US Capitol using flesh-eating locusts to wipe out the entire US Congress. 
Except Dekker had nothing to do with the attack.
Targeted by a Senate inquiry, as well as a shadowy international billionaire determined to kill him, Dekker narrowly escapes an attempt on his life. Dekker must run–from an unseen enemy and the FBI. In bits and pieces, Dekker finds it is Godfreid Wagner, a secret neo-Nazi, who is using his wealth to hunt him across the country to protect his secret: a bio-engineered virus that, when unleashed, will kill millions. 
As a fugitive, Dekker must find some way to protect his life, clear his name, and return to his job at the National Counterterrorism Center. 
Fighting and evading Wagner’s mercenaries while racing across the country, Dekker discovers a secret laboratory among buildings buried near the Denver International Airport–the very lab where Wagner’s genetics team has already created and successfully tested the killer virus. And now this madman is ready to unleash the virus across the country and kill millions.
How will Dekker break into the underground facility and stop the plan to unleash the newest iteration of the Final Solution? Who will be saved–who can be saved? If Adam Dekker fails, the answer to this question is unthinkable.

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

A demonically driven, bioengineered terror is about to be unleashed and only Adam Dekker stands in the way. It begins innocently enough with a short holiday on the Caribbean island of Dominica, but the idyllic setting is soon shattered. Dekker and Hannah Ahmed, the beautiful SIS agent, become entangled in an international conspiracy propelling them through a series of heart-stopping and life-threatening encounters. The unholy creatures resemble large locusts and are created in a remote island laboratory. But unlike normal locusts these creatures eat the flesh of their victims. The laboratory’s head of security steals two seed broods, escapes the island, and sells the locusts to a terror group intent on overrunning Europe and the world. The engineered locusts are the perfect terror weapon and ideal to eliminate the entire United States leadership in one massive strike, keeping America from interfering with the fulfillment of a jihadi prophesy. The terrorists need only breed a sufficient number of the flesh-eating locusts to create a swarm and release it during a special joint session of Congress. This is Dekker’s most difficult challenge yet, one that requires all his skills to stop a plague from forever changing the world.

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

The US military is in a panic when drones are unexplainably seized mid-mission. Unable to get direct information the military contacts the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Adam Dekker, their special operator, is sent to discover the source of this strange attack.
   Dekker recognizes signs of his old enemy, Abaddon, who he defeated in Germany. He finds that the spirit of Abaddon is still in the world and has found a new host in an Egyptian mystic, Kamenwati.
   Dekker and his new partner, British SIS agent Hannah Ahmed, must follow slim leads to find Kamenwati whom Dekker believes is the source of the drone seizures. Through a series of trials and escapes, Dekker and Hannah find a mutual attraction that surprises them both.
   Dekker and Hannah follow a trail of clues from Egypt to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, central command for US drone operations. Kamenwati is there as well and in an effort to protect his plan to pit West against East, he fabricates a supernatural Merlin Box to entrap Dekker for decades, even centuries.
   Dekker’s friends must search for a way to penetrate the Merlin Box and free him before Kamenwati’s scheme is realized. There is only one problem: the Merlin Box and its captive are invisible.
The tension grows as Dekker becomes less likely to escape the Merlin Box, and Kamenwati’s plan to plunge the world into war approaches a frightening reality.