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“The only real currency self-published authors have are reviews.” – Leah Downing

Leah Downing is breaking the mold for self-published authors. A federal-investigator-turned-author, Ms. Downing possesses the rare talent of bringing readers into the security clearance world from a woman’s point of view. Experience translated through a fresh, conversational voice has resulted in her #1 bestselling, speculative fiction series.
Ms. Downing lives in Hollywood, CA and is on the path to producing her books into a feature film franchise. In her spare time, she answers questions online about security clearance protocol, travels to India, and goes to dance classes. Her diverse resume serves as inspiration for the complex stories within The Shooting Stars Series. During her thirty-plus years on Earth, she’s spent time as a belly dancer, a choreographer, a federal investigator, a yoga teacher, a bartender, and a psychic medium–all of which she’s experienced to the fullest, and none of which she regrets.

Genre: Speculative Fiction

In Book One of The Shooting Stars Series, Catch a Falling Star, bestselling author Leah Downing introduces Lauren St. Germain, a Federal Investigator accused of assisting the Taliban in a homeland terrorist attack targeting her husband.
Scandal, mystery, and one of Hollywood’s leading men refuse to let her fade from the public’s eye. Her relationship status? It’s complicated…and that’s not even the half of it! “Amazing, genre-defying story…”-Dandelions Inspired: Reading and Reviewing Amazing Books!
WINNER: 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® in Cross Genre Fiction

Genre: Speculative Fiction

The deadly actions set in motion by Collin St. Germain during the Gulf War created a catastrophic chain of events, resulting in an IED triggered homeland terrorist attack over a decade later. In 2008, Fort Bliss was targeted by one of its own: Army Captain Burak Yilmaz. When it’s discovered that Collin’s wife has close ties to the Captain, she is thrust into the spotlight of a national investigation that leaves her scorned by the nation. Now, the time has come for her to confess what happened—what really happened with her marriage, her trial, and Captain Yilmaz—to the new love of her life before the couple embarks on a perilous mission to Africa. But, when movie star James Bayer learns the truth about what haunts Lauren St. Germain, will he still want her in his life?
WINNER: 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® in Cross Genre Fiction and Military Fiction

Genre: Speculative Fiction

After surviving a domestic terrorism scandal, a murdered husband, and a demonic curse, escaping Hollywood’s D-list should have been a cakewalk for Lauren St. Germain.

  But the reviews were in, and it was too late. She’d already fallen for leading man James Bayer who, simply put, is not a good actor. Although critics from across the globe had ripped apart his wooden superhero turn in Clan of Justice, he’d somehow convinced her–a federal agent-turned-yoga instructor–to travel to Africa and fight against a highly-armed, rebel militia of ivory poachers: Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

  Enter Iblis, the supernatural demon who’s been haunting her late husband’s family for generations. He tempts Lauren with an offer. She can either remain on her current path that results in the death of her beloved James OR she can ask Iblis to save him.

  Unable to bear the thought of losing yet another man, Lauren sets a new chain of events in motion. Events that spur a parallel adventure in Africa with the promise that James will indeed make it out alive. Alive, yes. But at what cost to her?