I grew up and reside in a small Ohio city & have been surrounded by the paranormal and stories of the paranormal my entire life. I started writing fictional stories and poetry when I was very young, drawing inspiration for my fictional stories from many different forms~ anything from a photograph to a dream or perhaps an idea that just pops into my head.
My stories are fiction but some have non-fiction woven into them. Paranormal & Supernatural are my main focuses and my Children’s books are stories I’ve written my own grandchildren or a friend’s son (they are neither paranormal or supernatural).
My late Maternal Grandmother and my late Father could spin the best stories. My Grandmother was especially the best ghost story teller of all time. My Dad could draw anything, he was very talented and always had a nickname for everyone. Drawing & creating coloring books and story books for my grandchildren is a hobby for me. I also enjoy creating jewelry as well (wrapping crystals and stones), that I sell. I write non-fiction articles for the web site Retiring from Law Enforcement in 2014, having over 30 years of service, is where my Lt. Jake Gillen series situations/scenarios came from. My favorite TV show is Supernatural with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, & Homicide Hunter, however I also love anything with Nick Groff, Jason Statham, Tom Hiddleston, Alexander Skarsgard, Richard Cetrone & Ryan Reynolds in it. Strong love of the classic monster movies. Bela Lugosi (I even have a Great Dane named after him), Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, etc. are also favorites as well. I am a HUGE movie buff. I love to read, collect books & I do have several favorite authors.

The Beginning – Gauf & Freyja
​Genre: Romance / Thriller

​Norseman, Gauf Fjolvorsson, goes Viking on the orders of his Norse King, and not only finds the beauty who starts to invade his dreams but he actually rescues her from a life of servitude, a life of horror and of tortures. They share a love and a bond that lasts throughout. This is the beginning of Gauf & Freyja. Book one of a new series called Eternal Love.

Genre: Paranormal

A collection of 27 fictional short paranormal (ghost) stories plus added bonus fictional supernatural story.

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

I sat in my truck staring out the windshield watching the rain. At first I didn’t see him and when I did, I wondered what he was up to. Not too many people visited a graveyard at dusk, especially in the pouring rain. I wondered what he had tucked away in the large duffle bag he was carrying, guessing I’ll find out sooner or later. I wondered what his story was or if he was just plain up to no good. You know how college kids are always coming up with crazy hazing ideas.