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Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., L.I.S.A.C., is an intuitive consultant, spiritual teacher and counselor who uses higher guidance to assist those seeking change. She works with The Divine to remove limiting beliefs and to offer downloads for an expanded sense of self and possibility, thereby changing work and life conditions to a happier state for her clients. In addition to facilitating physical healing, emotional growth and removing blocks to joy, purpose and meaning, Lynne uses #ThetaHealing® and Access Consciousness® tools and counseling to support her clients whatever their personal goals. Her compassion and gentleness create a safe space for those seeking healing. Lynne is a Certified #ThetaHealer® and Instructor (of Basic, Advanced, Dig Deep, Manifesting and Abundance, Rhythm to a Perfect Weight and Rainbow Children ThetaHealing classes) and an Access Consciousness Bars, facelift and trauma release facilitator. She is also a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and counseled in a drug treatment center for five years. Lynne teaches meditation and has led group meditations and taught throughout the northwest, southwest, and Caribbean. Lynne received her doctorate in educational administration from Arizona State University and has masters and bachelor’s degrees in special education. She is also an adjunct professor for Northern Arizona University College of Education. She is retired from teaching special education and administration in the public schools after thirty years. She now writes and consults. She resides in Arizona with her husband and cats. 

Genre: Metaphysical / Visionary

​ In this story, two young men leave their families and businesses to walk the dusty roads of ancient times with hopes of excitement and adventure. An ordinary nineteen-year-old man, Daniyyel, observes miraculous moments in his friend Matityahu’s life and wonders what gift his friend has. Daniyyel goes so far as asking Matityahu how and why he has it. Daniyyel wants that awareness and ability in his own life

Amongst the many unexpected events, from hard physical labor to saving lives after a natural disaster, is the effect of a beautiful strong, intelligent, capable young woman on Daniyyel. He has never met such an intriguing and mesmerizing woman in his short life. Could this adventure introduce him to the love of his life?

Although we don’t see Daniyyel, aspire to become a healer or to create miracles, he does value the gentleness, kindness and passion that his friend, Matityahu displays.

During their travels from city to farm to villages and on, many unusual, synchronistic events occur. Surviving tragedy, meeting new people daily, Daniyyel is changed. After questioning, studying and trying out Matityahu’s spiritual practices and suggestions, we see Daniyyel’s growth from traditional religious thinking to an awakening of his own spiritual nature and new awareness. Daniyyel changes his life and develops awareness and love and closeness to God. The journey portrays passage to newfound Oneness, an illustration of possibility accessible to everyone today.

Their story continually discusses and questions religion and religious teachings but isn’t meant to depict a particular religion. Instead, it is meant to show how religion influences our thinking and our behavior and how we must examine what we learned as we grew up and decide for ourselves what has merit and what we decline. An unexamined life could be a mediocre life. Here we see Daniyyel repeatedly realize he accepted everything he was taught and now is considering a greater depth to the spiritual teachings of his people and changes his thinking and his vocabulary. His personal experience of God was nonexistent then gradually once he realizes this becomes a seeker and gets stunning results.
Daniyyel’s awakening, like ours in current times, is gained through simple consistent action. Matityahu, Daniyyel’s friend and teacher, is also a teacher for the readers of this small book. Their story serves as a guide for us in our own journey of awakening.

Genre: Existential / Counseling / Psychology / Spiritual

As the illusion of the material world melts, communion with angels, ancestors, teachers and masters becomes common place when Lynne Cockrum-Murphy shows we are all guided throughout our lives. This awareness and self-realization is available to anyone who seeks. Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We Are Never Alone is a descriptive illustration of the author’s development of her spiritual path, intuitive awareness and deep inner peace. In an easy-to-read style, this book illuminates transition from her early life traumas and discouragement to gracious awareness of All That Is. Sharing wisdom from spiritual teachers and insights from mystical experiences, the possibilities beyond our physical lives become real.


Genre: Non-Fiction / Mind-Body Medicine / Holistic

A short but powerful true story of loss, starting with a house fire that killed Lynne Cockrum-Murphy’s sisters and father and left her badly burned when she was just 30 months old, and follows her life from that tragedy forward. Instead of surrendering to a family history of dysfunction she writes about dealing with loss, abuse, family alcoholism and shows that there is a way to move beyond the events of the past. Interwoven in the story are actions, steps, tools and even a reading and movie list to help you move forward into a spiritual life filled with meaning and purpose. Her story and the insights model hope, action and success.

Genre:  Social Science / Research

This heuristic inquiry explores how to assist at-risk students to grow beyond the suffering inherent to life. It is an example of a deep, rich autobiography and consciousness-raising phenomenological research. The final purpose of heuristic inquiry is transformation of the researcher, illustrated in personal breakthroughs and insights; accomplished through immersion into the topic, acquisition of knowledge, and explication of the experience. This process led to the creation of the Suffering to Self-Actualization Cycle depicting the cyclical nature of life, emotional pain, and human responses; all motivators that can lead to seeking and spirituality. Implications for education are presented in a model school proposal designed to develop skills and experiences for children to transition from suffering to self-actualization. This unique work designed for researchers, substance abuse or school counselors, and education administrators involved in school improvement who want students to develop resilience, will find the Suffering to Self-Actualization Cycle and recommendations for a humanistic, research-based model school make for captivating professional reading.