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María’s passion for empowering women to step into their power and thrive comes from her own experiences with life’s upside-down moments, including divorce, career upheavals, relocation, job loss, personal loss, an early and unplanned retirement, and caregiving. On this rollercoaster ride to find a way to manage life’s inevitable challenges, she discovered a powerful, proven process that led to her own personal, and professional breakthroughs. She 
calls it The 5 Petals of Power. These brought a level of peace, happiness, and satisfaction beyond her expectations, and she is on a mission to share what she has learned. Throughout her professional career in marketing, training, mentoring and coaching, María has helped people successfully face and move through massive challenges. After an unexpected layoff from the corporate world, María decided to focus her next career on using the skills that light her up – coaching and mentoring. Her choice to help women specifically stems from her corporate experience in which women were often under-valued, under-empowered and expected to compete rather than collaborate. María is dedicated to helping women reduce overwhelm, regain confidence and experience a renewed spirit so they can thrive. She wants women to know for sure that they are not alone. Many of us have walked a similar path and we are open and willing to help make your journey easier. She calls it “from Survival to Thrival!” A certified Life Transition Coach, Relationship Transitions Expert and Empowerment Mentor, María is also an International Best Selling author and an entrepreneur. She offers deep understanding, compassion and life skills to guide women through their own transitions (the Upside-downs of Life) with ease and grace. Her clients, colleagues, and friends describe María as genuine and supportive; she is a calming influence, with a practical, solution-oriented approach to life; and she is a creative thinker as she works to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit for her clients. She is grateful for these gifts and shares them gladly. 

Genre : Self-Help

Have you ever thought you should be able to handle anything life throws at you? Have you wondered why you keep going through the motions of life and never seem to get off the hamster wheel? Do you put on a mask most days pretending you’re just fine and tell everyone you meet that your life is hunky-dory? If so, María Tomás-Keegan has something to say about all that: You Are Not Alone! Drawing on her on own experiences, María starts her book, “Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph,” by sharing her view of seven phases of transition. Regardless of the life event, she noticed that the phases she went through to move from tragedy to triumph were very similar. From abuse to divorce. From personal loss to career upheaval. From reinvention to caregiving. María found a way to unpack her treasure chest of tools and techniques, so they could help her move beyond coping and surviving and begin to thrive—making each new life event less daunting than the last. As she relays stories of other women, we begin to believe that we are not alone. As she reveals her life strategies, we understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope that we can take control and change our perspective. There truly can be joy in learning to thrive. The book concludes with her five-step system, called “5 Petals of Power,” which helps women take off the mask they wear pretending they are fine. She helps them to find their footing again and clear the path of what stands in their way. The final leg of the journey is clear and concise as she guides women to spread their wings and take flight, so they can make their dream happen. With honesty and humor, she helps women create a unique roadmap for their next chapter, as they uncover their authentic voice and step back into their power.