Michael Grant is a 23 year veteran of the New York City Police Department and a graduate of the FBI National Academy.
He currently lives in Knoxville TN with his wife, Elizabeth, and their golden retriever, Beau. 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Irish

Manhattan is the continuing saga of Michael and Emily Ranahan’s life as recounted in In The Time Of Famine. In fleeing the famine in Ireland to find a new life in the New World, they come ashore at New York City on an island called Manhattan, a chaotic, odoriferous city filled with rascals, ne’er’ do-wells, rapscallions, and corrupt politicians.
As they form their new life together they will experience the horrors of the infamous Five Points, the challenge of No Irish Need Apply signs, the Great Panic of 1857, the frightful Civil War riots, and finally, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Michael and Emily will experience all the joys and sorrows that a city like Manhattan can offer.

Genre: Humor / Historical Fiction

Imagine what it would be like to go back in time to the 15th century Venice. And imagine what it would be like to meet your lifelong hero, Michelangelo. And imagine what it would be like if, on first meeting, you spill a tray of pasta and wine on that very same hero.Well, that’s what happens to serious young artist Mark Breen. As the result of a drunken bet, Mark knocks out a painting of a toilet bowl. Much to his amazement, he sells it. In short order he’s hailed as the new Andy Warhol and becomes an overnight sensation—and a very wealthy man. Soon, images of his toilet bowls are on more t-shirts, mugs, and calendars than Edvard Munch’s The Scream. His friend and mentor, Hugh Connelly, afraid that Mark is in danger of losing his “artistic soul,” advises him to go back to Italy and reacquaint himself with the “old masters.” In Venice, Mark falls in love with Alexandra, a beautiful art restorer, but it’s a one-sided affair. One night, hoping to win her over, he climbs up on a roof to find out who painted her favorite fresco. He falls off the roof and wakes up in 15th century Venice where he meets an innkeeper named Francesca, who looks exactly like Alexandra. And it gets curiouser and curiouser from there. During his stay—which is sometimes zany and sometimes frightening—he meet his hero, Michelangelo, who teaches him the true meaning of art.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Irish

In 1845 a blight of unknown origin destroyed the potato crop in Ireland triggering a series of events that would change forever the course of Ireland’s history. The British government called the famine an act of God. The Irish called it genocide. By any name the famine caused the death of over one million men, women, and children by starvation and disease. Another two million were forced to flee the country.
With the famine as a backdrop, this is a story about two families as different as coarse wool and fine silk. Michael Ranahan, the son of a tenant farmer, dreams of breaking his bondage to the land and going to America. The passage money has been saved. He’s made up his mind to go. And then—the blight strikes and Michael must put his dream on hold.
The landlord, Lord Somerville, is a compassionate man who struggles to preserve a way of life without compromising his ideals. To add to his troubles, he has to deal with a recalcitrant daughter who chafes at being forced to live in a country of “bog runners.”
In The Time Of Famine is a story of survival. It’s a story of duplicity. But most of all, it’s a story of love and sacrifice.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

Life is good for Nancy Cavanaugh. She’s happily married with three young children and one on the way. The only serious rift between her and her husband, Connor, is a debt-ridden farm in Ireland that Connor inherited from his father. He has dreams of one day going back there to work the farm and raise their children there. But Nancy wants no part of it.
Then tragedy strikes. Just four days after the baby is born, Connor is killed in an accident and Nancy’s life is abruptly turned upside down. Then, a second blow—a letter letter from Connor’s sister, stating she intends to take over the farm. The farm is Connor’s legacy to his children and she will not allow it to be taken away from them. She will fight for the farm through the Irish courts. But, there’s one problem—she’ll have to go back to Ireland to do it.
Then World War II interrupts her plans, Like millions of other American women, Nancy goes to work in a factory for the duration of the war. When the war ends, she books passage. Just before she sets sail, Neil, Connor’s best friend, asks her to marry him. Stunned by this sudden proposal, she promises to give him an answer when she comes home.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

First a major Harlem drug dealer is murdered. Next, an art dealer, and then a disbarred lawyer. All shot in the head execution style. Are they connected? When suspicions arise that this might be the work of NYPD cops, Detective Lieutenant Brian Shannon and Alex Rose from the Internal Affairs Division are told to get answers fast. To make matters worse, an upcoming drug commission to be headed by an ambitious State Senator creates a political firestorm in the police department as well as City Hall. Indications are that the senator is next on the hit list. Can these murderers be stopped in time?
This is the story of politics, corruption, pervasive violence, and ultimately, the struggle of a few good men to maintain their moral character in the pressure-cooker environment of big-city police work.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

Captain Richard Leland is a rising star in the NYPD. Young, bright, and super ambitious, his goal is to be the police commissioner by the time he’s forty. He’s right on track, but then department politics rears its ugly head. All his carefully laid plans are suddenly thrown into jeopardy when his boss, Chief of Department Charles Drum, decides his young protégé needs more patrol experience—something that Leland has been avoiding at all costs because he knows that almost anything that goes wrong in a precinct could derail his promising career. To his horror, Leland is transferred to the notorious Bronx precinct that cops call “Fort Frenzy.” With good reason, a wary Leland views his precinct assignment as a career minefield that at any moment could blow his hopes and expectations all to hell. His new boss, Assistant Chief Lucian Hightower, is an archenemy of Chief Drum and he’s not at all happy to see this “headquarters groupie” in his borough. Another major flashpoint for Leland is Kawasi Munyika, a loudmouthed political activist who is waiting for that one “cause” that will propel him into national prominence. Then, there’s the “Poet Bandit,” a psycho whose robbery notes contain poems, and the “Midnight Mangias,” a couple who break into restaurants and cook their own meals. If that isn’t enough, Leland is forced to contend with angry cops, whacko cops, a radio car romance, a “cop fighter” bar that needs to be closed, and a beautiful, if contentious, community organizer who is a thorn in his side. Or is she? Finally, it all comes to a head. Kawasi Munyika finds his “cause”—the boycott of a Korean grocery store. And Richard Leland is faced with his own personal Armageddon: Will he protect his career or will he do the right thing? This book, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, offers the reader an insider’s unique view of the life of a precinct commanding officer and what goes on behind the walls of a NYPD precinct.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

It’s 1945. The war is over and Matt McCartan is mustered out of the army just in time to attend his father’s funeral. Matt and his father always had an estranged relationship and because of that Matt knows almost nothing about his father’s life and childhood. While going through his father’s papers he discovers a single clue that might shed light on who his father was: a faded envelope with a return address of Ballyturan, Ireland.
Seeking further information, he composes a letter to the village priest asking if he, or someone in the village, knew his father. The priest doesn’t respond, but a young woman does and her shocking letter sets Matt off on a journey of discovery to find out not only who his father was, but who he is.
He arrives at Ballyturan, a small village on the Dingle Peninsula, only to learn that there is more to this sleepy village than meets the eye.
Why does the village priest lie to him? Why does the richest man in Dingle threaten him? And what secrets are the village butcher and a local farmer keeping from him? The only one in Ballyturan who seems to have any answers is a man whom everyone in the village thinks is mad. But to Matt, he’s the only one in Ballyturan who makes sense.
Eventually, Matt peels away layer upon layer of secrecy and mendacity and treachery to uncover the shocking and unhappy sad truth about his father.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

“How hard can it be?” asks down-on-his-luck ex-cop Neal Devlin when he takes a plum job as the security director of a Fortune 500 company headquartered in a forty-story Manhattan office tower.
This hard: In less than two weeks Devlin will discover that a killer is targeting the company’s CEO and that the building is accessible to entry and sabotage at a hundred critical points. With the help of a feisty and tough-talking female computer specialist and an ex-con, Devlin struggles to secure the building’s severely vulnerable security system.
And in less than three weeks, after a series of mysterious “accidental” deaths of certain employees, the killer will be revealed as a world-class assassin, expert at penetrating the most sophisticated security system. A highly sensitive deal-in-the-works prevents Devlin from going to the police, though all his instincts scream for him to do so.
With time running out and bodies piling up, Devlin finds himself trapped at the summit of the skyscraper pitting his skills against a well-armed madman with nothing left to lose.
Retribution features a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at high-tech surveillance and executive protection; an affecting portrait of a hard-edged loner, Neal Devlin, who believes he has just one more chance to get it right; and a frightening bathyscaph descent into a modern corporation where “acceptable causalities” has secured a foothold.
At once an electrifying cat-and-mouse thriller and a parable of cost/benefit accounting taken to its extreme, this is a page-turning fiction at its best.

Genre: Mystery/Crime Fiction

Haddley Falls, a sleepy, bucolic New England town, relies on tourism for its economic survival. But then the unthinkable happens: A man and a woman are brutally murdered on a sailboat anchored in the town’s cove. Understandably, these murders throw the resort town into chaos, but no one has more at stake than the town’s three movers and shakers. Jonathan Talbot, a wealthy industrialist, is a nominee for the position of Secretary of the Commerce and can’t afford a hint of scandal. Whittier Sanborne III, a wealthy and reclusive man, has dark family secrets that he must keep. And finally there is Royce Gardner, the Mayor of Haddley Falls, who also has skeletons that could destroy his family’s reputation.
For these reasons, the three agree that they can’t afford to have the state police meddling in their affairs. They need someone they can control—someone like their police chief.
Tony Brunetta, a retired NYPD homicide detective lieutenant who accepted the job of police chief of Haddley Falls precisely to get away from big city violence, is dismayed to find that he is suddenly tasked with finding the murderer. To make matter worse, his old partner, Pete Delaney, a burned out, suicidal NYPD detective arrives to spend his “last weekend” with his friend, mentor and old boss.
Events quickly spiral out of control. Against his will, Pete Delaney is sucked into the vortex of an ever-widening investigation. With the help of two inexperienced deputies—JT Bryce, a beautiful and intelligent woman, and and Clint Avery, a well meaning bumbler, Delaney slowly peels away the protective layers of the town until it becomes clear that Haddley Falls is not the sleepy town is pretends to be.
This fast paced novel of murder, mendacity, hubris, and ultimately redemption will appeal to readers who love police thrillers…

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

Sheila Kendall, the daughter of a Navy SEAL killed in action, is a talented Juilliard student who dreams of a solo career as a cellist. To earn money for an important upcoming cello competition, she takes a part-time job in a law firm. One of the attorneys, Julian Emory, immediately takes an inordinate interest in her. He’s good-looking, charming, and an aficionado of classical music. Soon he becomes her mentor, then her lover, and then the trouble begins. He wants to control everything about her from the clothes she wears to the tempo of the music she plays. It’s all too much for Sheila and she tells him it’s over. But it’s not over for Julian. It’s just beginning.
On the advice of a NYPD detective, Sheila goes to stay at the isolated country home of her cello teacher, but Julian follows her there.
She’s trapped in the house. Or is she? A strange transformation takes place in Sheila. She morphs from a sensitive, gentle musician into, well, a warrior. Using the knowledge and techniques she’d picked up from her SEAL father and his friends, she methodically begins to turn ordinary household tools into lethal weapons and booby-traps.
But will it be enough to stop Julian?
This exciting thriller is a must read for any woman who has been stalked or who has worried about it.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

It is 1991 and the United States Government has been pressing Colombia to extradite drug dealers to the U.S. In response, the-cartel overlords join forces with an international terrorist group to form Puño Blanco, a narco-terrorist group, and initiate a daring and deadly plan: shift the battleground to New York City and export terrorism to the United States.
​     The target: the New York City Police Department.
Only four people have a chance of stopping Puño Blanco before New York City self-destructs: Dan Morgan, a highly respected police inspector whose effectiveness may be crippled by a guilty conscience; Chris Liberti, an ambitious FBI agent who has to prove her worthiness in a virtually all-male world; Donal Castillo, a DEA agent with a knack for hand-to-hand combat whose hatred of drug dealers threatens to compromise his professionalism; and Ray Fleming, a young and frighteningly inexperienced undercover officer who becomes the crucial linchpin between the two warring groups.

Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural

Life is good for Paul Ducane. He’s happily married with a promising career as a political science professor and consultant. But all that changes when his bright young graduate student, Jeff Levin, hacks into a government computer and downloads a file from a mysterious organization called the National Internal Affairs Agency. Immediately, the order goes out: get that file back and take “appropriate sanctions” against anyone in possession of it. Before Levin realizes that the file contains explosive information capable of bringing down the president of the United States, he is assassinated. Ducane, now in possession of the file, becomes a hunted man as well.
Desperate to evade his pursuers, who have the capability of tracking his every move by monitoring credit card usage and cell phone calls, Ducane flees into the bowels of the the New York City subway system. Beaten by muggers, he is helped by an enigmatic homeless woman who teaches him the arcane ways of the “tunnel people” who inhabit the city’s underground. His situation gets worse when the police wrongly accuse him of murdering Levin. Now he must evade not only his pursuers, but the police as well. Still, he knows he can’t hide indefinitely. He must get the file to the senator who is investigating the president’s administration.
This is a page-turning thriller that delves into shadow governments, assassination, duplicity, and questionable friendships.