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Paul Anthony is the pseudonym of a man born in Southport, Lancashire.  He began his writing career when he was published by a vanity publisher in the UK. Two years later, he accepted a commission from a renown traditional publisher and sharpened his pen. However, with the passage of time, he now describes himself as an independent publisher and author responsible for every facet of his ‘book business’, including the conversion of his backlist.. He has written a number of fictional novels, an autobiography, and a collection of poetry in Print and Kindle. He has also written television scripts, screenplays and film scripts. Paul is best known for his crime thrillers which feature 1) Boyd – a detective from Cumbria who is seconded to the nation’s Special Crime Unit and 2) Davies King – a detective from Crillsea, on the south coast. Boyd and King are completely different characters but both series regularly reach best-seller status in Amazon’s kindle store due to a well-presented formula of serious and serial crime, true crime, murder-mystery, terrorism and espionage.
Paul is the son of a soldier whose family settled in Carlisle before he joined Cumbria police at the age of 19. As a detective, he served in Cumbria CID, the Regional Crime Squad in Manchester, the Special Branch, (Counter Terrorist Command) and other national agencies in the UK and elsewhere. He has an Honours Degree in Economics and Social Sciences, a Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Office Management.
A former winner of the Independent Authors Network Featured Author Contest, Paul was also a Featured Author at the ‘Books without Borders’ Event in Yonkers, New York, 2012. In earlier years he was a Featured Author at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany.
His books are available from all amazon kindle stores (including kindle unlimited) as well in print from Paul also has a blogsite where publishing news, author interviews, and various ‘thrillers’ by his fellow authors are promoted and available.

Genre: Thriller / Crime Fiction

‘Elevating someone to the status of a leader carries an expectation of ability, commitment, creativity, honesty, and integrity in the person concerned. It consciously bestows upon such individuals, nobility, prestige, and recognition. Yet in order to betray those noble characteristics, there must first be ‘trust’. 
Who would you trust the most? The crooked leader of a highly successful outlawed gang with a feared global reputation? Or the leader of an honourable organisation apparently intent on delivering legitimacy, justice and dependability? Would you tell someone a secret; a secret that might unhinge the world order if the details of such confidence fell into the wrong hands?
Herein lies the crux of a true-life crime thriller which sees Boyd, the Cumbrian detective attached to the nation’s Special Crime Unit, chasing down an assassin responsible for multiple deaths whilst simultaneously trying to identify the latest threat to the nation’s security. Is there a connection? The raison d’être for Boyd’s elite detective unit is brought sharply into focus when a direct challenge from above is made into his ability ‘to police and defend the freedom of the nation and its people.’
Fighting those who doubt him, those who distrust him, and those who just don’t what him to be there anymore goes against the grain as investigations appear to merge and, despite all the protocols and procedures in place, Boyd considers whether he should step out of line to deal effectively with the various situations that confront him. But who can he trust?
Who is the Sultan? Is he connected to the man who wears the Crucifix? Is he really the best there ever was? As the mystery develops, Boyd calls upon a wise old Shepherd for advice. Someone needs to get a grip on things before it all goes to pot. Step forward the Bishop and an aura of religious mystique that trickles through the book as the cultural identities of the main players come into play.
There’s no one quite like the Bishop. They are a rare breed. But who is the Bishop and what is their role in the dual story that you are about to read?
A thrilling, mysterious, action-packed novel awaits those who enjoy ‘Boyd’ and the people surrounding him. Indeed, it’s two stories for the price of one. Set in London, Cumbria, and elsewhere, the connection between them is a man called Boyd, the concept of ‘trust’, and the sprinkled controversial components of ‘leadership’. 

Genre: Terrorism / True Crime

   A thriller of violent prejudices and divided loyalties. About the province where no-one talks, this story tells it like it is. This Ulster novel reaches to the very roots of sectarian life and death. Written by a member of the security forces, it penetrates behind the media-screen to reveal a human landscape that is unknown, yet startlingly believable. It is a world where sworn enemies may exchange confidences over a game of snooker; where a kneecapping operation turns into a deadly vendetta fueled by sexual jealousy and where the fate of the United Kingdom could rest in the hands of one punch drunk bruiser with a dangerous addiction. Everything is here, from the glamour of hi-tech intelligence work to the despairing pub-talk of men locked in the past. Trace the origins of these relentless tit-for-tat killings, often starting in childhood and see how the lives of vastly different people may by mysteriously linked forever against the fatally beautiful backdrop of Northern Ireland.

Genre: Crime Thriller / Espionage

​Bushfire is a terrifying thriller of greed and deceit. The action spans the oceans, from Colombia to the British Isles, and is set against the inferno of a raging drugs culture. Cumbria undercover detective, Boyd, and the covert power of the State, battle against globally organised crime syndicates unaware that some amongst them have different plans: Private and personal revenge.

Genre: Crime Thriller / Terrorism / Espionage 

Packed with action, stacked with intrigue, and sprinkled with ingenious conspiracy, ‘The Legacy of the Ninth’ is a whirlwind thriller of bitter conflict and religious mystique, echoing through the centuries of time from the desert wastes of the Roman Empire to the luscious green valley of the River Eden and the land of the Lakes. Behold the noble Domitian:a valiant Roman Centurion who witnesses an appalling act of mass suicide in the Negev Desert, and Hussein who plunders a Jewish artefact from its rightful owner. Centuries later, Boyd the detective, tries to find out why events in Masada are so closely linked with nearby Hadrian’s Wall. Indeed, against all the odds, Boyd realises that the links are so strong that prospects of peace in the Middle East are in danger of collapsing. Things can’t get any worse, can they?

Genre: Crime thriller / Terrorism / International Mystery & Crime

    From an ancient Silk Road in the Spin Ghar mountain range and the red-bricked chocolate box skyscrapers of one of the oldest civilisations known to mankind, the travellers begin their journey. Fourteen hundred years of struggle and anguish arrive in the unspoilt backwaters of Cumbria’s Lakeland Fells and erupt in a bloody, deadly climax.
A simple bell, book and candle adorn the altar of a village church yet the parishioners are unaware of the gathering storm clouds that herald the arrival of the ‘Eternal One.’
Will the Cumbrian detective, Boyd, work out why it has taken since the seventh century for the problem to arrive in his back yard? It’s not until a child is kidnapped that Boyd realises he needs to separate out good from bad; normal from extreme, and the innocence of youth from the guilt of maturity. Boyd is fighting the biggest dog in the pack and the Shimmering Dawn is about to unleash its terrifying dogs of war.
Crammed with intrigue and drizzled with Machiavellian conspiracy, the plot dissects the culture and very existence of the Middle East as it gradually and passionately boils over into a turbo charged thriller of acrimonious conflict and religious aura when the history of yesteryear explodes with the reality of today.

Genre: True Crime / Terrorism / Espionage

When Master Sergeant Jack Dooley uncovers a startling secret in the desert wastes of Iraq he unwittingly triggers an alarm that resonates throughout the western world. It doesn’t take long before Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit find themselves handling the investigation. But who is the man from Tikrit the police and intelligence community are desperately searching for? Is he really an Islamic assassin with orders to take out the leaders of the western world? As the Cumbrian counter-terrorist detective chases down the enquiry he enlists the aid of multiple intelligence agencies only to uncover a right wing plot to take over the government. Boyd soon realizes that the man from Tikrit is an unknown quantity– and he certainly isn’t the only threat that needs to be thwarted.
A race against time follows with Boyd and his colleagues arguing with the Home Secretary and officialdom when multiple threats from a variety of lethal sources are uncovered. Short of resources, short on patience, and short of time, Boyd casts an eye on the national threat level as it slowly rises from the peace and tranquility of threat level five. Then, as the nation’s threat level hits ‘critical’, it becomes blatantly obvious that Boyd and his team must do all they can to protect the United Kingdom’s Royal Family. It’s only when Boyd meets aristocracy and enlists the help of a Knight of the Realm that he realizes the country really is at Threat Level One and there’s a very highly placed traitor in the midst of it all.
Threat Level One – Based on the true story of the national threat level, the men and women who make it, and those who try to break it. Pre-Publication Review: Paul Anthony never lets the reader down. Unmissable and unputdownable, suspense until the very last page, ….. (Independent Review – Pauline Livingstone)
Pre-Publication Reviews Another fascinating read from Paul Anthony – full of intrigue and suspense…. (Meg Johnston)

Genre: True Crime / Terrorism / Espionage

 A Cumbrian detective is working with the Special Crime Unit and elements of British Intelligence.
When a desperate young man is forced out of his home in the mountains, he claims ‘Qisas’ and sets out on a bitter journey of revenge. As he terrorizes a continent with his wicked plan, the evil megalomaniac becomes an iconic figure synonymous with fear and dread. In a fast-moving, white knuckle ride, the unknown assassin leaves police and intelligence services reeling from the sheer pressure of relentless attacks.
What is White Eagle? Is it the name of a bird of prey? Or is it a mysterious individual who has no name? There are those who think White Eagle is a newly formed terrorist group working for the highest bidder. Whichever, it’s a mystery no-one can solve.
Mouretti, the man from NATO, takes up the case and is determined to claim all the glory.
The plot explodes when Boyd and his team from the Special Crime Unit become involved. All hell breaks out as three single-minded individuals, each propelled and fuelled by revenge, fight for victory.
Who will win and who is doomed to failure? In the chaos that surrounds the investigation, does anyone walk away unscathed?
Pre-publication Review: Boyd continues his unique career in this story of love, hate, loss, devastation, betrayal, trust, and loyalty. Paul Anthony’s latest novel takes his reader from the dizzy heights of a mountain range to the quiet backwaters of rural England as he portrays one man’s journey from birth to adulthood. This is yet another First-Class novel from Paul Anthony.
Pre-publication Review: An excellent action-packed thriller from the pen of crime-writer Paul Anthony. This is the kind of book that entertains, informs, thrills, fascinates, and delivers a tremendous read.

Genre:  Crime Thriller / Murder Mystery

Two beautiful and mysterious women are murdered in the same week. The local police chief believes the killings are the work of one man and instructs his officers to bring about a swift conclusion to the investigation. Davies King, the hardnosed, chess playing detective, reckons the game is much more complex and refuses to accept an apparent checkmate. With the odds stacking up against him, Davies tries to shuffle all the pieces and capture the guilty party before an innocent man is wrongly arrested. But the clock is counting down, there’s a bomb explosion imminent, and he’s running out of time. With enigmatic characters that are credible and authentic, it doesn’t take long to become engrossed in a well crafted and gripping plot. Paul Anthony’s mesmerizing conspiracy carries the reader all the way and skillfully builds to an exhilarating and explosive finale.

Genre: Crime Thriller / Terrorism / Espionage 

   When Conor is betrayed, he spends the night hidden in the bracken surrounded by security forces hunting him down. As moonlight shadows flicker, he realizes who is responsible. With his unit destroyed, Conor sets out for revenge.
But dark unspoken forces are at work and the track goes cold.
A decade later, Pegasus, a discredited British Intelligence Agent, produces a mysterious piece of computer software and demands reinstatement. The enigmatic software, carried in a memory stick, threatens to destabilize the world’s economy should it fall into the wrong hands.
Assured of peace, desperate to be home to be near her loved ones, Pegasus returns only to find herself plunged into a world where he who holds the software holds the future of the world in their hands.
A breathtaking international chase involving terrorists, spies and criminals ensues with greed, corruption, dishonesty and mistrust, uncovered in the most powerful of places as the need to secure an enigmatic memory stick dominates proceedings, twists, and conspires to destroy the human relationships that so many take for granted. Only Davies King, a chess playing, barfly of a detective, and his trusty team, seem capable of bringing sanity to the lawless corruption threatening the very fabric of a cyberspace driven society.
But all the men and women of power can be trusted with such responsibilities, can’t they? Or is one of their number a traitor to his country, a traitor to his calling….. A traitor of the worst kind. And there’s only one traitor…. Isn’t there? Paul Anthony builds tension into every page. His characters are so real you will feel as if you know them, and believe me, some you will never want to know… A cracking read… Pauline Livingstone, Editor and Book Critic.

Genre:  Crime Thriller / Terrorism

 Compromising photographs discovered in a vacant office in central London are not immediately connected to a ferocious attack on Davies King. But when the campaign against the chief of detectives and his closest friends turns to blackmail, it becomes personal.
A series of horrendous bomb attacks and brutal shootings convince Davies to discharge himself from hospital and confront the two ‘most wanted’ criminals in the United Kingdom. Disillusioned with a temporary chief constable, and anxious to relieve a stressed out bomb disposal officer, the chess playing detective joins forces with British Intelligence to challenge the megalomaniacs who are holding the nation to ransom.
Her Majesty’s Government announce a Tier One threat level as the lights across the south of England are extinguished and parts of Europe and North America face the reality of the first stages of society’s breakdown – Dystopia.
It’s a simple question for the obstinate detective to answer. Does the country pay the ransom or do the lights go out?
It’s not rocket science, but who makes the decision, and why?

Genre: Crime Thriller / International Mystery

     When an unexpected earthquake in the English Channel unwittingly presents the secrets of the past, a trail of bribery, corruption, kidnap and murder entangle the south coast detective, Davies King. As the mystery deepens, Davies investigates the connection between the escape of a handful of petty criminals from a prison van; a vicious murder, the unidentified treasures of a sunken ship in the English Channel, a corrupt American politician, and ‘organised crime’.
Will Britain’s most annoying petty criminals outwit the stressed-out detective? Faced with overwhelming odds, the exhausted Davies King must come to terms with failure and re-ignite ‘loyalty’. On the doorstep of failure, the detective enlists the help of ‘Special Forces’ when he recognises an emerging catastrophe which is likely to destroy the foundations of an Anglo-American agreement, The so-called special relationship is in danger of collapsing. But loyalty is the last stand and it’s beyond his control. Review: Another excellent page turner from the pen of Paul Anthony. He grips the reader on page one and never lets you go until the end. Brilliant crime writing that ranks with the best of them.— Pauline Livingstone, Editor and Book Critic

Genre: Biography / True Crime

An autobiography from the front line of policing in the United Kingdom…. The true story of a sixteen years old boy from a city in the north who joined his local police force… From tea-maker to spy catcher, from errand boy to counter terrorist detective. Witness his journey via Cumbria Constabulary, the Regional Crime Squad, the Special Branch, the Anti Terrorist Branch of the Metropolitan Police, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Security Service.. Prepare to laugh…. Prepare to cry…

Genre: Historical Fiction / Biography

AD 78: It’s taken the Roman invaders over thirty years to reach the Lake District and the lands now known as Cumbria. Surrounded by high mountains, deep valleys, and a multitude of lakes, tarns and sheep, the Romans speculate on whether the inhabitants are an illiterate band of semi-neolithic individuals or an affluent tribe of significant status. Perhaps they will prove to be rich in gold, silver, and other treasures mined from the rocky environment where they live. Or do the locals survive on the edge of starvation existing on a daily diet of basic nourishment that is below normal living standards? Where is their army, the Romans ask? Will they run and hide in the caves with the first flight of an arrow? Are the natives naïve or cultured? Can they be trusted? How long will it take to destroy them?
The way ahead for Rome is simple and uncompromising – to conquer and move on. Once this minor obstruction is dispensed with, they will journey further north where the Picts, Caledonii, and a scattering of smaller tribes live out their humble lives. Yet the natives intend to preserve their identity, safeguard their culture and beliefs, and deny the Roman Conquest.
A cohort of the Ninth Roman Legion under the command of Sextus Maximus is on the shores of Ullswater. They are the unwanted intruders.
One man stands alone against them. His name is Hallin, King of the Hallinii, leader of the Vitaminic tribes, and a member of the Carvetti Alliance.
This is his story. The story of Hallin, his battle, his beliefs, and how war and peace are often entangled in a complex web of love, hate, jealousy, loyalty and treachery.

Genre: Science Fiction / Metaphysical

Ed Carter, an ageing career astronaut, is put out to pasture and dubbed a failure. Retiring to a quiet pub in rural Cumbria, he spends his time studying the stars in between pulling pints of beer for his thirsty locals. Envious of modern day space exploration, Ed can only watch from afar as his colleagues strive to reach further into the unknown. Then, unexpectedly, everything goes wrong and Earth is plunged into an alarming series of natural, and unnatural, disasters. Only Ed seems to know the answer to the problem the world is facing, but no-one is listening to yesterday’s man. Eventually, Sam, an astrophysicist, teams up with him and, together, they realise why the Earth is in danger. As the two race to save the world, a series of natural disasters shake mankind to its very core. In the final days of the planet, people still fall in and out of love, tears are shed, and hearts are broken. People are rescued to live again whilst others die in a sea of catastrophic despair. Personalities evolve, develop, and meet success and tragedy head on. This is a chilling tale of human misery, heroism, love, hate, jealousy, cowardice, ignorance, disaster and scientific discovery. You see, out there, lurking in Space, is a run-of-the-mill everyday danger threatening human survival. There are those born to lead, and those born to follow. It’s time for someone to step up to the plate as the suspense reaches a climax, but is it too late?

Genre: Poetry

Sunset is a collection of poetry tracing the life of a relaxed carefree
teenager in the Sixties to a man at the dawn of the Twenty First Century.
The journey captures an age of experiences; peaceful and pleasant,
violent and murderous. The voyage from one century to another smoothly
results in a unique portrayal of the era in which we live. From love and romance, war and peace, sorrow and surrender, to private
fears and unknown tears, the Cumbrian policeman, detective, and novelist, Paul Anthony delivers a roller-coaster of poetic.  The Cumberland News: From boy to man in seventy seven poems…emotion in his third book, Sunset.