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Rich Spitzer has over 45 years’ experience in communications and behavioral research and was Executive VP of one of the world’s largest marketing research firms. After retirement Rich pursued his interest in macro-trends, but also discovered the law of attraction, manifestation and metaphysics concepts. Rich applied his research expertise to find practical, modern methods to both the macro and the personal – how to successfully manifest thoughts and ideas to achieve our personal goals, and engage in progressive actions to remedy the convergence of global trends that can have irreversible consequences.

Genre: Political Fiction / Current Events

The 2016 Presidential election revealed the truth about the cyber-war waged by the adversaries of the United States. How did it happen? How did we let it happen? What did we miss? The Margin of Error War is a tale of factual events with an analysis of how we lost the first epic battle in the cyberwar of the 21st century. China has had a decades-long strategy to be the dominant political and economic power in the world. But 2016 was too good an opportunity for Russia, and they preempted the behind the scenes cyberwar. Russia found the perfect convergence of technology, existing US internal conflicts, unfettered social media and a willing political party
The US has been the leading economic and military power in the world, but the internet leveled the playing field. All combatants now have the same capabilities to wage cyberwar using unregulated digital media to influence political opinions and policy decisions. Our adversaries infiltrated and manipulated American news and media to shift voter opinions, in critical states, just enough, within the margin of error, to achieve the election result they wanted.  Richard applied his years of professional experience in communications research, trends analyses and Big Data to investigate what happened in 2016. He reverse-engineered the known election results and foreign actions, to identify the methods that enabled our adversaries to control American institutions through the simple and clever use of digital news.  There is more to the political cyberwar than you read in the headlines. If we don’t understand how our adversaries succeeded, then countermeasures and remedies will not be effective. Our adversaries learned how to manage the American psyche and behavior, all within the margin of error. We have one more chance, before the 2020 election, to take the necessary actions and get the cyber war right.

Genre:  Self-improvement / Spirituality / Metaphysics / Law of Attraction

People have been interested in manifestation and attraction concepts for centuries, and science now supports many metaphysics concepts. Richard combined his analysis of the centuries of metaphysics philosophies, teachings and current science, with his observations of the everyday evidence. Manifestation Math 101 is a practical, simple process to manifest goals, using the basic math of the universe. If you believe that “ you are what you think”, and “attract what you think about”, there is now a process to manage your thoughts, choices and actions to achieve your goal. We see the evidence of successful manifestation all around us -people achieving their goals every day. What is the practical formula for success, available to anyone who uses it?
Richard has reverse engineered the successful manifestation we observe and filled in the missing steps between our thoughts and ideas and achieving a goal successfully.
We also need way to measure our progress, to know when we reach the critical balance between positive thoughts to negative thoughts to enter the successful manifestation zone. Every thought does not become your reality, and every negative thought does not sabotage your efforts. Manifestation Math 101 provides an easy to use Thoughts Scorecards to monitor your progress toward success, without any special training or classes. As Willie Nelson said, “if you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will have a positive result”. Manifestation Math 101 has created a simple method to bring this wisdom to everyone.

Genre: Current Events / Political Issues / Sociology / Non-fiction

​Humans are great at making short-term, self-interested choices. We’re less skilled at making long-term decisions with the greater good in mind. This isn’t just an interesting quirk of human nature—it’s a fundamental flaw that threatens our very existence.