Shefali’s Website

Shefali Banerji is a poet, writer and spoken word artist from India. Shefali graduated with an Honours degree in English from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, and has recently completed her Masters degree in English at the University of Calcutta. Shefali has been published in international literary journals like ‘Heather’, ‘Rigorous’ and ‘Snapdragon Journal’, as well as anthologies like ‘Cologne of Heritage: Incredible Bengal’. Shefali has three books to her name: ‘A Circus of Emotions’, ‘Remember Me in Sleepless Nights’, and ‘Half-Baked Crescendos’. 

Genre: Poetry

‘A Circus of Emotions’ is a poetry collection and a window to the poet’s journey into disillusionment. From the bliss of innocence to the pangs of adulthood, the poems contain a subtle hint of the harsh truths and realities of life. The imagery is stark, appeals to your senses, and whispers in your ears the disenchanting incantations of the world. The poems talk of love, hate, indifference, hope, dreams and everything in between – it takes a unique stance at the essence of our existence. This collection might make you uncomfortable or shatter your complacent view of life!

Genre: Poetry

‘Remember Me in Sleepless Nights’ promises to be that friend who will console you in solitude and lead your way into a compelling journey of life along its pages filled with passion, rhythm and verse. This collection of poetry endeavours to bring the Korean poetry form Sijo to the avenue of English poetry, which has been seldom attempted before. With a comprehensive mix of standard English poetry, English Sijo and a bout of Hindi poetry, the author wishes to indulge you in an assortment of poetic styles. Each poem, interestingly, also embraces a Korean title as the final touch of its cultural amalgamation.

Genre: Poetry

Half-Baked Crescendos is a collection of poems written typically during a depressive phase of loss, despair, and subsequent recovery. The poems have an ominous and foreboding theme, with endings typically climactic and open to various interpretations, hence the title “Half Baked Crescendos”. Each poem was conceived during a particular melancholic episode that followed various onslaught of emotions. . There is a prevailing philosophical theme of nothingness and beyond in each poem. There is pain, suffering, disillusionment, despair dominant in all poems and prose. The poet tries to attempt different poetic forms ranging from pantoums to ghazal while dealing with different subjects.