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CLABE POLK is a multi-genre author of several novels, novellas and short stories.  Originally trained in biology and natural sciences, he is a life-long reader with a curious mind, who is retired from more than thirty years in professional environmental protection and law enforcement and who has too many interests to list.
He lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters, and the family’s Cockapoo named Annie.

A Detective Mike Eiser Novel
Genre: Police Action Thriller

“EACH SCENE WAS RIVETING, IMAGINATIVE AND WELL CRAFTED. THE DESCRIPTIONS WERE VERY VIVID AND REALISTIC – LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE.” Kat Thomas thought she left gang violence behind in Atlanta when she fled to Poplar Bluffs. Now, eleven years later, the man who killed her son Quinton’s father has returned, he wants Quinton for his gang The Raven Claws… 

A criminal’s criminal, Milton “Mad Dog” Lincoln is a man even the cops fear. All except Detective Mike Eiser who’s seen Mad Dog’s kind before. It’s up to Eiser to protect Quinton. But Mad Dog has an agenda. He undertakes a campaign of intimidation aimed at Quinton in which his friends and family are targets; and an agenda double-crossing his crooked gun-running Federal management team. Eiser, faced with stopping Mad Dog’s agenda, must accept vigilante help in the face of a pending four way gunfight with Mag Dog and his associates…and Kat, whose faith in men has been permanently destroyed, is determined that Mad Dog Lincoln will not win. Can Eiser and Kat Thomas together defeat Mad Dog Lincoln and the Raven Claws? Or will Mad Dog destroy Kat, Quinton and everyone around them? NOTHING PREPARES YOU FOR MAD DOG’S FINAL PLAY…OR ITS CONSEQUENCES! And despite the worst Mad Dog can do, Kat may be left with something to help restore her faith and hope.

A Detective Mike Eiser Novel
Genre: Police Action Thriller 

Now, eleven years later, she’s built a new life for her family, far from her old life in Las Vegas. BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT TO COME CRASHING DOWN! Angelica Vicetti of Las Vegas has become Angela Cassetta of Poplar Bluffs, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She’s built a successful real estate agency, and the son she rescued from Vegas when he was a youngster is now a high school baseball star and destined for great things. But Antonio Scarpone, the mob boss in Vegas who forced her underground hasn’t forgotten about her. A string of hit men are sent to kill her, but each time she saves herself and her son, with the help of her friends and Mike Eiser, a local Sheriff’s detective who refuses to let Angelica die on his watch! Things get more complicated, when one of the hit men becomes strangely important to Angela in a whole new way … and a team of Federal agents come to town and ratchet up the odds. Suddenly, sleepy little Poplar Bluffs is awash in blood. ANGELA WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE AND BEYOND – INTO MURDER, KIDNAPPING AND LYING TO THE FEDS – TO SAVE HERSELF AND HER SON. BUT…CAN SHE SURVIVE THE FIGHT FOR HER FAMILY’S FREEDOM? 

A Detective Mike Eiser Novel
Genre: Police Action Thriller/Murder Mystery

The Havens, a family with roots growing deep in the muck of Southern mountain bootlegging have progressed from selling illicit corn whiskey through marijuana farming to (in the current generation) methamphetamine production. A set of triplets; Jack, a meth producer and husband of Susan, Jason, another meth producer, who hooks Susan to infuriate Jack, and Jake, a local handyman who creates unholy alliances against Jack and Jason…and a father playing each against the other for his own profit, combine to light a fuse destined to blow the Haven family apart. Two murder investigations; one by Detective Mike Eiser, and one by a detective in a neighboring county, coupled with a DEA clandestine drug lab investigation combine to pressure the Havens.
Susan’s in the middle. Is she a victim? Is she a survivor? Or is Susan the flame that ignites the powder keg to blow the Haven family apart?

Genre: Crime Action Thriller/Murder Mystery

A collection of three fast-paced crime action novellas featuring an active adventurous retiree, Harry Morgan, a magnet that attracts trouble everywhere he goes. A retired businessman living in St. Petersburg, Florida, Harry owns a sailboat. His friends and long-suffering wife, Jean, have given up trying to keep him out of disasters, but invariably they are also sucked into the story and endure whatever adventure Harry is into until the end.

The three novellas are:

Collegial Conspiracy: An old friend, dying of cancer, asks Harry to help him rob a bank…like Bonnie and Clyde would do it. Against his own better judgment, Harry risks everything – his life, his liberty, even his marriage – to keep a promise to his old friend. And then things really start to get complicated when his friend’s son, Tony, gets involved. Emilio: What drove Tony to robbery . . . or worse? A drug-addicted college girl and her boyfriend seem to have committed suicide. But did they? What if it was more than that? What if it was murder? Tony is on the hot-seat for manslaughter and blackmail. Harry finds himself playing detective, smack dab in the middle of an investigation that rubs up against the bank robbery he committed and is working so hard to forget. Can he solve the mystery and get away clean? The Pirates of Cayo Pelau: Harry’s heard all the stories of modern-day pirates along the Florida coast, but that’s never slowed him down. As he teaches his friends to sail in his new boat, he expects mosquitoes and sand gnats . . . but he never expected to stumble onto a slave ring. Now he has to free the captives, put the slave smugglers out of business, and rescue his friends…before it’s too late.

Genre: Christian Apocalypse / End-Times Action Adventure

MARK BISHOP OPENED A NEW BANK ACCOUNT…AND DISCOVERED HELL ON EARTH! Mark Bishop has too much month left when his money runs out. Seeking relief, he opened a bank account at a new bank, International Financial Services (IFS) He never suspects that he is buying into a strategy for world domination operated by the Antichrist…or that his world is plummeting toward the War of Armageddon. 
He never suspects he and his family will be homeless, hunted and have an IFS bounty on their heads.
He never suspects he and his family will endure starvation, imprisonment, slavery and natural disasters.
Or that he will lose all he has has…in order to gain the only thing that counts.
Mark and his family are victims. CAN THEY RISE TO BECOME VICTORS? The Road to Armageddon is a compelling story of struggle, survival and redemption during the Great Tribulation.