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I was born in Staffordshire to a working class family, my father worked down the local mines whilst my mother worked in one of the local Pottery manufacturing factories. At school I discovered the joys of reading. I was a big fan of sci fi books but I would read almost anything I could get my hands on. My mother took me to join the local library as soon as I could read and from that day on, if it had words on it, I’d read it. I wasn’t particularly brilliant at anything at school. I tried my hardest to be average while I held a deep desire to be a comic book illustrator. I even wrote and drew my own comics as I tried to hone a meagre skill. Back then though there were no courses to learn this skill and my careers advisor tried to push me into; engineering, the pit or the armed forces. In the early 70’s there wasn’t much choice where I lived so I ended up in an apprenticeship in screen printing for the ceramic industry. In the early years of my apprenticeship I had the pleasure of a trip on the schooner Captain Scott, a training ship as part of the crew. We sailed around Scotland and even up as far as Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides.  As in all jobs, mine has a certain amount of repetition, to relieve that I often lose myself in my mind as I work through a story. I’m still in the same trade after a forty year career but my passion is and has always been writing. After several abortive attempts I started the Col Sec series around seven years ago, It’s an action adventure series set in the twenty fifth century. After a brief four year stint living close to the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District I’ve returned to where I grew up.

A Duncan Pryde Thriller – Book 2
Genre: Thriller

Duncan Pryde agent of the Ministry of Intelligence faces off against a man who has the best interest of his planet at heart in Marcus Raine. Raine steals a weapon so deadly it was thought to have been destroyed and blacklisted never to be made again. In a plot with more twists and turns the two play a deadly game of cat and mouse as Pryde races across the galaxy trying to prevent a disaster of global proportions. When the final target of Raine’s obsessive plan is revealed then the entire Coalition Of Planets will be in complete disarray should he succeed. Pryde has to race against the clock to prevent this Raine of Terror from happening.

A Duncan Pryde Thriller – Book 1
Genre: Thriller

A batch of experimental missiles is hijacked by a group with military training.
Duncan Pryde, an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence is tasked with the recovery of them before they can be used.
Nathan Jericho, an ex-Special Forces soldier now running the Independent Criminal Executive has them and intends to use them.
Pryde has to work with a beautiful Coalition Intelligence Agent, Jasmine Fields trying to learn what Jericho’s motives are and avert a disaster of catastrophic proportions.
Lone Operator is full of political intrigue as shadowy figures behind the curtain of civilization pull strings in Machiavellian plans.
Action and adventure rich in texture with complex characters and a hero like no other make Lone Operator a thrilling entry in a new series that will grab you by the throat and leave you wanting for more.

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

In the first of this thrilling sci fi adventure series we are introduced to Kurt Stryder., a Special Forces soldier assigned to Col Sec, Colonial Security. Kurt is changed due to him volunteering for an experimental program he was told would change the military forever.
This puts him in the path of an enemy that will stop at nothing to obtain what they consider to be the key to controlling the galaxy. With this new threat Kurt has to decide whether to remain a pawn of his government or to become a soldier with no master, a Ronin.

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

On a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt Hawk, who we first saw in Ronin, and a group of Recon Delta marines led by Colonel De Boer, find more than they bargained for. This led to their first contact with an insidious group that had infiltrated all walks of life including even the protector of the Colonel Confederation itself, Col Sec. On their return to Earth they realize the situation is far more dangerous than they could ever imagine. Narrowly evading death at the hands of their enemy, Matt finds himself in a race to learn the truth. Revelations unfold as Matt and those at Col Sec fight for survival until the truth is finally revealed and he faces the head of OMEGA. Can Matt win this deadly battle against an enemy who could be anyone, even your best friend?
  This second book in the thrilling Col Sec series picks up the pace from Ronin and Hurtles the reader at breakneck pace toward a shocking climax.

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

By the mid-twenty-fifth century after decades of war over the colonisation of planets between the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance, an alternative to the government of Earth, an uneasy peace was reached and a cold war prevailed.
The events of this story take place a few weeks after those depicted in Ronin and at the end of Omega.

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

An explosion on Toldax at the end of Ronin, the first Col Sec adventure, saw the destruction of an entire facility and the death of the rogue General Solon, Sinclair’s opposite number in the Alliance. The clean-up of the site, sub-contracted out to MaxCorp make two startling discoveries. Shortly after that, Kurt is attacked at home on Celeron by a group of men who look all alike. Easily surviving the attack it raises more questions than answers. Are the discoveries on Toldax and his attack linked somehow? It is the beginning of a scheme by an old enemy to lure Kurt back to his home world where he must face the truth of one of those discoveries. In his struggle to face that truth, Kurt takes one more step closer to his enemy’s endgame, which is an attack on the teeth of Col Sec and the very heart of the Confederation. To play this endgame to its inevitable conclusion, Kurt and the Wildfire Team must overcome their past or face the retribution of their enemy.

Genre: Science Fiction / War / Genetic Engineering

A weapon of immense power is stolen and millions of lives hang in the balance for the Alliance and the Confederation.
New-found enemies strike to claim the nexus of dominance. Lines are crossed. Battles rage on. Annihilation— imminent. Can Col Sec hold? Is all hope lost?

Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller

After the events that took place in The Blackstar Gambit General Sinclair is given a new posting given to him by President Takagi. He is to head up the new Offworld Special Intelligence group.
Learning what they had from Tartaran, the planet that the Colonial Confederation and The Elysium Alliance went to war over, the OSI is tasked to find more answers about who was behind the experiments performed on the indigenous life.
Captain Jon Savage, a highly decorated Recon Delta Marine veteran is on vacation with his family when they are attacked by a strange creature. Savage, after seeing his wife and daughter brutally slaughtered succumbs himself to wounds inflicted in the battle.
As Sinclair takes command of his new post he is informed of Savage’s condition as his troops had taken his body to their base on Mars where they found something incredible.
Savage had been altered by his contact with the creature.
Where had the creature originated from?
Did the same species who performed experiments on Tartaran have anything to do with this creature, was it too an experiment?
During the search for answers Sinclair and Savage learn something of the race behind it all but they also learn a terrible truth about human history.

Genre: Science Fiction / Space Opera

As Kurt, Zara and the rest of Col Sec are dealing with the events detailed within The Blackstar Gambit, Jake Riley and the Wildfire Team have their own mission.
Sent to an Independent World, Genotia to help a friend of Doctor Baxter, the inventor of the serum that changed Kurt Stryder forever, the Wildfire Team have to fight a rogue faction of the planet’s military who had been altered beyond recognition. Baxter had given his friend a batch of the serum to enhance his friends military to help in their Civil War but the batch had been defective and deemed unsafe by Col Sec due to the increase of aggression in the test subjects, something Doctor Garrison had said might help. The serum changed the recipients into huge berserkers of monstrous size and rage they called the War Dogs.
The Orion Cartel learned of this serum and sent someone to acquire it for themselves.
Fighting on two fronts the Wildfire Team must save a fellow soldier, Captain Alex Thorne once the leader of the War Dogs and prevent him from becoming the monster that the people of Genotia had been warned of. An elite force from Genotia was sent to terminate what was left of the War Dogs and the Orion Cartel want what the War Dogs had become so they can rule the galaxy.
Can Jake and his team succeed this time light years from Confederation space with danger all around them their fight becomes one of survival not just for themselves but for the entire galaxy. 

​Genre: Science Fiction

The Blackstar Gambit.
A new threat raises its head to taunt Col Sec and Kurt Stryder in particular. A threat from a far distant planet with ties to an ancient Earth cult and the other major power in the galaxy, once enemies of the Confederation but now allied to, The Elysium Alliance.
Earth is the target of this new enemy and Kurt and Zara Hardy were the unwilling pawns in a deadly game that would put millions of lives at risk.
Kurt and Zara race across the galaxy to find clues that will lead to some understanding about Osiris, a legendary planet at the heart of the mystery surrounding it all. Will they succeed or will Earth fall in this deadly game to the Blackstar Gambit.

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

In Ronin we were introduced to Captain Tony Storm, call sign Guardian and his team, Hacker and Cowboy, in Extinction they take centre stage. A quarter of a century before, a plan to enhance the military goes terribly wrong and is covered up, something that General Sinclair, the Head of Col Sec has had to deal with ever since. An attack on a defunct base in deep space by an old enemy threatens to unleash a horror on mankind that could cause its end.
Guardian and his team find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and are pitted in the forefront of the struggle.
Can they stop this secret from escaping or is mankind doomed to extinction? 

Genre: Science Fiction/Action Adventure

Tartaran, the planet of deadly secrets is being held by the Elysium Alliance. General Sinclair of Col Sec thinks it’s time for that to change. He sanctions a new mission for those under his command in the Wildfire Initiative.
Kurt Stryder, recently reunited with his lost love Zara Hardy, now a vital member of the Wildfire Initiative too is sent back to the planet where he finally learned where his destiny lies. This time though he has the full back up of Zara and the Wildfire Team led by Jake Riley.
The son of General Solon learns of his father’s death at the hand of Kurt Stryder on the planet Toldax and swears vengeance for this act. He chases him to Tartaran where he plans on killing him and restoring his families honour. Elsewhere Matt Hawk is on a mission of his own. After witnessing OMEGA attack Earth and Col Sec in particular several times over the past few months he decides it’s time to take the fight to them. He goes on a hunt to root out the daughter of OMEGA’s founder, the late Jonas Wilde. Tanya is now in command of the terrorist organisation and Matt has more than one score to settle with her. In an adventure that sweeps across the galaxy the Wildfire Team and Matt Hawk find themselves in a bitter fight for survival. Not just the terrifying and deadly creatures that inhabit the planet are out to kill them but a team of Black Knights led by Major Solon. Kurt learns the truth behind the city down on the planet’s surface whilst Matt discovers OMEGA’s true intent. These revelations are as surprising as they are deadly. In the final battle only one will survive. One will have a resurrection while the other only oblivion. In the latest chapter of the Col Sec series, Jan Domagala takes the reader on another wild ride where the stakes are higher and the danger more deadly. Resurrection is another stunning addition to an already fantastic series of futuristic high adventure.