Judith Royle has had 40 years experience in serving people to become empowered and live life to their highest potential. As part of her journey in acquiring these skills she was an Elementary School Principal and as retirement approached she became a Healing Practitioner. She is the owner and proprietor of Soul Genesis ( which assists people to connect with their soul purpose in life. She incorporates a wide range of tools as Reiki Master, Life Coach, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Meditation, Crystals and Sound Healing. These modalities are designed to meet the needs of a diverse society in this age of dynamic change. Judith is the tour guide for people who want to create their hearts’ desires.

Genre: Self Development / Spiritual Health

This is a story of a soul’s journey as the thread of past lives creates the notion that in each lifetime we learn from previous lifetimes in the quest for wholeness. As a result of visiting many lifetimes with the expressed purpose of healing the past, she is able to see her present life with different eyes. Lessons become gifts of opportunity and she is able to express a whole new level of gratitude for her life-long learning. Each visit to a lifetime presents a fascinating basis of historical era, geographical location and cultural implications.