Her life-long passion is to help women become their best selves! Nora Plesent has been supporting women personally and professionally for almost 40 years.After graduating law school she became a prosecutor in the Sex Crimes Division of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, bringing justice to women who had been sexually assaulted and abused. She then founded a multi-million dollar contract legal staffing company with the goal of creating flexible work arrangements for women trying to balance family and career. Nora is also the creator of the New Girls Network, an alliance of female leaders promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession and writes, speaks, and hosts seminars on cutting edge topics for women in the law and business. Nora received The New York Women’s Agenda Rising Star Reward in 2006. In 2013, The Los Angeles Lakers and Comerica Bank honored Nora with the LA Business Women of Entrepreneurship Award. Nora was also the recipient of the Highest Leaf Award, honoring women in business in 2016.A single mom to four children, Nora knows first-hand the challenges of trying to do it all. At a difficult time in her life, when stress threatened her wellbeing, Nora discovered meditation and learned to slow down, breathe, and let go of unhelpful and recurring thoughts and expectations. She became a certified meditation instructor and now guides individuals and corporate groups to become calmer, more focused, and creative. Nora has the experience, background, intelligence, and wisdom to help her clients become the best versions of themselves. She uses meditation, reflection, and writing to achieve the desired results. Nora founded The Gathering in 2019 for women to come together in a serene setting for wellness retreats, focused on meditation, authentic conversation, mindful exercise, and gourmet eating.  Nora’s individual coaching, corporate programs, and wellness retreats are now being offered online.

Finding Strength and Solace In Any Storm
Genre: Non-Fiction / Health / Spiritual

What can you do when your life is turned upside down?
How do you keep going when things all around you are falling apart?
Where do you find strength when fear and loss are tearing at your heart?
Nora Plesent faced what felt like insurmountable challenges in her life and learned how to confront them with calm, strength and resilience. 
These challenges of loss, fear, disappointment and uncertainty, as well as the truths about them, are universal. Through Nora’s personal stories and powerful insights, the reader is invited to take a seat and reflect on their own lives and experience more calm, comfort and clarity. By opening our hearts, slowing down, being vulnerable, reflective and honest, we can find strength and solace in any storm. We can deepen our understanding of who we really are by asking poignant questions and listening from within to hear our own wisdom. This book is a reminder that we are all in this together; learning, loving, grieving, floundering and growing. This book is for anyone who may need a bit of hope, a moment of peace or a dose of wisdom.