Stacey Niedentohl is a child of God, Spiritual Healer and a Psychic Medium. She has done 1000s of private and group readings passing messages from beyond. She is a creator and an entrepreneur. This is her first book.

Genre: Spiritual Health / Self Help / Grief

A 30-Day Grief Recovery Journal –
Let me tell you how deeply sorry I am for the loss of your loved one. Losing someone close to you is never easy. It takes time to process the thought of having a life without them but know that they will always be deep inside your heart woven into you for eternity.

I have put this journal together to help you heal through the loss. Although, this will not fill the void you feel. I hope it will help you remember and be grateful for the time you had together. As a medium, I can sense your fear of forgetting. I hear my clients say, “I think about them every day.” “I miss them every day”, ”If a day goes by that I don’t think about them, I feel guilty”, “What if I forget their voice?”

This 30-day memory gratitude journal is designed to help you to remember, reflect and record the things you cherish the most. Memories that future generations can come to know.

Even though the body no longer exists, the spirit is still very much alive around you. Reflecting on the time you had together will keep their memory, their legacy and their spirit close. As you work through this journal, my prayer is that your spirit will heal, and your heart will understand.