Genre: Parenting / Family Relationships / Abuse

The book tells the life story of a girl from age three years to young womanhood. Marva suffered at the hands of those she loved and trusted most. Despite experiencing; neglect, abuse, bullying and Inequality, Marva felt her faith in her God through the Lord Jesus was the only way she managed to maintain her sanity. Marva coined the phrase ‘She caused the lightening to strike’ because she believes that if her God Lord Jesus had not intervened into her situations, her vultures would have sent her to her early grave. Thankfully, God intervened by protecting her from harm hence she lived to share her testimony. A sad, shocking and unbelievable story. As the story unfolds Marva’s strength, resilience, and sheer beauty shines through. Her vultures or perpetrators are aware of this, so their intention was to totally destroy her by preventing her from achieving her goals and ultimate potential. This book has been written to help first-time mums and dads. It is also highly recommended for academics and students in the field of sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, psychiatry, pediatric, early childhood education and medicine.