Cindy Davis
Hi! I’m Cindy Davis, otherwise known as The Fiction Doctor—originally from New England, USA, now residing in sunny, humid Florida. Words have always been my passion. I have been a freelance editor since 1998. I have loved every minute of guiding my authors toward publication. If you need developmental edits or just proofing, you might be in the right place.        


With Overt Outreach, Social Media Empowerment and Virtual Training for Authors, Author JohnEgreek the book marketing genius has revolutionized Author training with his Signature Book Launch Training, Wannabe Author to Bestselling Author Marketeer, teaching authors how to increase sales and improve their opportunity to make it to USA Today or The New York Times Bestseller lists. Learn how to build social media Author sites that you can be proud of. Send your  message to more people than you ever imagined. He has classes that will empower you to begin a journey with your marketing adventure beyond writing your book. 


Indie books? Self published? This is your chance to get in a bookstore.
We have opened a bookstore inside the Wiregrass Farmer newspaper in South Georgia. Indie books only.
Here’s what we will do:

Promote the bookstore. 
Sell your books (hopefully).
Have a ring binder next to the bookshelf with author information from everyone.
Keep track in a notebook of who sells what books.
Pay you.​

Need more information? Contact Ben R Baker on Facebook, email at, phone 229.445.0923 or come by the office 109 N. Gordon St., Ashburn, GA 31714.
Come around 11:30 a.m. and Ben will probably buy lunch.


Best Seller Services
As a book promoter, Denise has successfully launched more than 500 books to BestSeller status on Amazon. Denise offers a broad menu of services for book promotions and her diverse talents make her the perfect all-in-one person for book promotions of all kinds. Her personal reach is 225,000 people, including multiple social media accounts and newsletters.  Unlike other book promoters, Denise has developed a fail-safe system of achieving very high rankings that continue long after the launch date has passed, which along with the social media aspect of her program, brings continued book sales.​ There’s never been a better time to launch your writing career or take your book to the next level: Monetizing through public speaking, workshops, CD sets and teleseminars! You’ll forever after be a “Bestselling Author!”, a tag that will open doors otherwise closed to you. Denise’s book promotions meet all budgets and goals.

With Meta Home Publishing Company  Author JohnEgreek, the Master Book Publishing mentor uses his book publishing experience to help authors with editing services, formatting services for the interior and exterior creating wonderful books for authors, as well as uploading services to various print-on-demand venues such as KDP and more…his prices deliver and are more affordable than most. Format services include interior format, book cover format and eBook format. Editing services include StyleEdit evaluation, line editing services, proofreading services and copyediting services. Author JohnEgreek says, “I don’t quit until you are fully satisfied.”

So  you have written a book(s)  – but what now? Find out about the Rukiaway. Ask yourself this question:​ What needs to be done before I launch?  The Rukiaway is what we at Rukia will do for you.
We will take the time to get to know you and your work. We will advise and discuss with you everything we find. 
Whether you are a debut author just starting out, or you are a seasoned writer that doesn’t have the time to promote. We are here to help.