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Several years ago, Rob & Joan published their first book BIOPRINTS. The series follows Ryan O’Rourke, an Insurance Fraud Investigator, and his team as they work to solve the murder of Ryan’s best friend. This novel involves the black-market trafficking of 3D printed human body parts. FLASH ZOMBIES & CLONE DRONES are books 2 & 3 in the series with book four currently on the drawing board. In the works is a children’s book that teaches the value of friendship and a paranormal book about many of their investigations. They are also researching the Phoenician Era during the time Jezebel was born which will eventually become a book. At some point they do plan to write a book about their family adventures of which there have been many. Rob & Joan also started the author promotion service INDIE BOOK SOURCE and host the weekly talk show MEET THE AUTHOR Podcast. They have 6 children & 14 grandchildren which keep them very busy.