“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
-Maya Angelou

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Suspense Authors RC & JP Carter

Mystery Author Paul Hollis

Multi-Genre Author Linda Watkins

Urban Fantasy Author Orlando Sanchez

Action & Adventure Author Warren Bell

Romance Author Jan Romes

Crime Fiction Author Wayne Zurl

Romance Author Tamara Ferguson

Multi-Genre Author Jeannie Palmer

Science Fiction Author Ken Grace

Narrator Steve White

Romance Author Ann Alexandra

Crime Author Bobbie Barker

Multi-Genre Author Philip Dodd

Multi-Genre Author Rick Bentsen

Multi-Genre Author Dianne Astle

Science Fiction Author Jan Domagala

Action & Thriller Author Jack Dillon

Multi-Genre Author Mia Harper

Mystery Author Gerald Darnell

Christian Suspense Author Jim Yackel

Multi-Genre Author Cheryl Peyton

Multi-Genre Author Jim Hartsell

Multi-Genre Author Wendy Scott

Family & Relationship Author Velora M.Levy-Sailsman

Christian Author Julie Watson

Romance Author Sue Lilley

Young Adult Author Sandie Will

Children’s Author Wanda Luthman

Multi-Genre Author Miss Mae

Women’s Fiction Author Carol Soloway

Multi-Genre Author Kiersten Hall

Christian Romance Author Laurean Brooks

Multi-Genre Author P.L. Parker

Multi-Genre Author Joylene Nowell Butler

Historical Western Romance Author Cynthia Woolf

Women’s Fiction Author Naomi Stevens

Non-Fiction Author Jerry Morton

Multi-Genre Author Lynn Dalton

Multi-Genre Author Cindy Davis

Editor Cindy Davis

Science Fiction Author Jonathan G. Meyer

Thriller Author Toby Oliver

Poetry Author Cindy J. Smith

Mystery Author Michael Stephen Daigle

Women’s Fiction Author Susan Sage

Thriller Author Clabe Polk

Multi-Genre Authors Rick & Cindy Palmacci

Mystery Author Joe Congel

Science Fiction Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Multi-Genre Author Ben Baker

Science Fiction Author Clayton Graham

Relationship Author Maria ​Tomas-Keegan

Women’s Non-Fiction Author A J Wootton

Young Adult Author J.S. Frankel

Multi-Genre Author Rodney Page

How To Author Ralph Peterson

Multi-Genre Author ​Lori Yaney

Historical Author ​Angela Byrne

Multi-Genre Author ​D.H. Cermeno

Spiritual Health Author ​Judith S Royle

Multi-Genre Author Pamela Jean Horter-Moore

Mystery Author Timony McKeever

Multi-Genre Author Catherine Carrigan

Multi-Genre Author Theresa Snyder

Travel Humor Author Trish Ostroski

Action & Adventure Author ​Thomas J. Eyre

Fantasy Author C. Jill Hefte

Multi-Genre Author Kim Nugent

Thriller Author P.J. Mann

Fantasy Author Alan Zacher

Relationship Author Bill DeBarba

Spiritual Health & Healing Author Nisha J. Manek

Spiritual Health & Growth Author David B. Bryan

Multi-Genre Author Ron Townsen

Sweet Romance Author Cindy A. Christiansen

Military History Author Bruce Hurd

Relationship Author Jeannie Daly-Gunter

Historical Fiction Author S.M. Ford

Spiritual Health Author Genaro Torres-Celis

Mystery Author Carol Yeomanson

Non-Fiction Author Pamela Erickson

Suspense Author The Black Rose

Multi-Genre Author David Perlmutter

Action & Adventure Author George Dismukes